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Raspberry leaf and Fenugreek...

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Finally got to holland and barrett today and bought Raspberry leaf tablets and Fenugreek.
I have started the Raspberry leaf tablets, just one, but wondered how many I should be taking?

Anyone any ideas?
Says 3-6 a day but I'm sure I read you should build up slowly?

Also what does it actually do? Will it cause more BH's or just help the uterus be more 'toned' with the ones I have?

Fenugreek - is for breast feeding - so will increase milk supply later I believe - but I'm assuming I can't / shouldn't take it now? Is this right?
Anyone know? lol

I sound dim I know. :eek:
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helloooo. I started with 1 RLT a day, and after a couple of days 2 a day, and then a few days later 3 a day. Didn't manage more than 3. They are supposed to help the uterus tone, reduce post-birth lochia and help everything retract faster. Not sure if it helps, but my uterus retracted as soon as he was born!

Not sure about the fenugreek sorry!

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Great thanks Shel, did you notice less / little bleeding? I hated the bleeding after Erin as have always had heavy period and it really drained me. lol

Have taken 2 today but will stick with that for a bit before going up one.

I've heard good things about fenugreek for building breast milk supply up - but have read up on it today and not suitable during pregnancy as can cause uterus contractions..

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not sure Kirsty - they've got a deal on in Holland and barrett so may be worth picking some up and having them ready. :)

Thanks shell.. It's soooo long ago I can't remember with Erin and I had an episiotomy that I needed anti-biotics for in the end so hopefully I can avoid too much discomfort this time.
at 37 weeks you should be having about 4-5 cups a day.. or the tablets i think its about 4-6.. just because there isnt much time left.. its best to start them about 30 weeks.. i drank the tea, and started at 30 weeks - 2 cups a day.. 34 - 3-4 cups a day.. and from 37 weeks 5-6 cups a day.. om nom.. shame i didnt need it after all.. tastes nice though i think.. x

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Thanks Kitteh - was your baby early?

Better up my intake a bit I think.. I've gotten up to 3 a day today but only just started them so wanted to be sure they were ok with me, no side affects noted though. :)

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aww well hopefully it helped you shrink after. lol
How many have u been takin then PH? i started off with 2 a day a few weeks ago, just felt what they recommended was rather a lot. last pregnancy i started them at 24 weeks, but stuck to one.

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I'm still on 3 as think that's plenty to be honest - I don't eat between meals much so it's not really an option to take the 6 they recommend. can't bear the thought of making it a tea either.
I mite up mine to 3 soon then. i dont fancy the tea. i no with my last labour the 2nd stage lasted 9 mins, and i out that down to these. plus my placenta just flopped out too lol not sure if that was down to them too. but hoping my 2nd stage will be quicker or at least d same length this time

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My goodness I won't scare you with my birth story with Erin but it was assisted in the end, so no natural end to 2nd or 3rd stage... so fingers x'd these work! lol or at least being a second baby helps! lol
well my 1st was assisted. 2nd birth was so much more easier. so hopefully 3rd will be finished b4 i can say im in labour haha tho i doubt it..... does no harm to take the raspleaf anyway, so may as well keep trying them.

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can only do some good eh.. worth a shot and weren't a lot of money.

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