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[Rats] Georgie, April 2006 to October 2008


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Georgie was my special girl and she died at 29.5 months old, a couple of weeks ago. Georgie actually changed my life. In 2006 I had given up on life, to the extent that I hadn't left the house for anything but work in years, and had pretty much decided that this would be the rest of my life- I wasn't going to try anymore.

Georgie arrived, was terribly poorly and I guess my instincts kicked in. I got involved with a large rat forum/website, became a moderator and suddenly found myself with at least 20 friends, and was meeting people all over the place.

21 to 23 months is the average age for pet shop rats - and Georgie knocked that right out of the park. I miss her

Georgie with her large lump - we had it removed a few months ago after agonising over whether she could make it. Best decision I made this year:

Lilly bribing Georgie:

The original 3 - Izzie is the roan, and Suzie the hoody (they're now getting close to 27 months themselves)

As a young girl:

Georgie never did like the camera cord:

Georgie's 2nd birthday:

Rusting at 1 year old:

Butter wouldn't melt:

At 3 months old and "dying" of myco:

Probably my faves:

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some lovely pics x
AAAAW.. i had 2 rats.. Mario and peaches (both girls... lol).. Peaches died though =( was gutted.. cos she was so nice natured.. came for cuddles.. (although the games of hide and seek were a little worrying).. So poor little Mario is left on her own.. but she gets lots of cuddles and kisses..

*raises a glass to Georgie*

x x

** Just Jools **

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Gorgeous, they all look so cute!
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Aww, adorable pics.

I love rats. I really want some, but my mom hates them. My brother has a hamster, and she's fine with that, so I don't see why she's so opposed to me having a rat...


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Thank you, everyone for the lovely comments :) They're such wonderful creatures.

I have 5 now - though two are very old (one of those is also ill). Izzie and Suzie in the picture with Georgie in pic 4 are the oldies).

radicore, is your mum genuinely phobic, or just doesn't like them because she hasn't met any? My mum hated the thought of them - but she adored all of mine, and has 3 of her own. Most people I know who like them can tell the same story about a loved one. It may be worth visiting your local rescue or rspca to see what they're like (if she is amenable to at least meeting some).
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^I don't think she has a phobia, she just... Doesn't like them. I work in a pet store, and she's seen the rats there, but she won't let me get them out for her to see.

I think it's just the fact that everyone associates rats with sewers and diseases and being really dirty animals, even though that's not true. I find they're much more friendlier than hamsters, but there's no swaying my mother. :rolleyes:


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They're definitely friendlier than hamsters. They're on a par with small dogs in terms of intelligence and will seek out human interaction once "tamed".

It's a shame but I'm sure you'll have rats in your future if you want them :)
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^Yep. As soon as I move out I'm getting rats. Well, rats or a chinchilla. I'm undecided. ;)
I think rats are such clean animals its funny that they get that stigma attached to them..

i have a chinchilla and shes just lovely.. shes such a character.. got a gerbil too.. and a rabbit and 2 cats.. they're all just perfect

x x
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Aw Andy -

This made me cry - what a sad-turned-sweet-turned sad story. :(

Georgie is adorable - the pic of her when she was youg leaning on the blue rails looking up - ach - how CUTE is that!!!!

I am SO glad she came into your life, and changed it. You seem far to decent a human being to be locked away in your home and not shared with the rest of the world.

Really happy for you that you are on the path you are on now, and I hope - scratch - I know, you will find what you are looking for.

All the best,,,,

Little cuties

Hi Andy,
I've never had rats, always been a cat girl. Ive got 3 at the moment, from the same litter, just over a year old -love them as you do your rats.
I can quite understand how your Georgie turned your life around.
Animals are such good mates and give us love and entertainment. They don't need to be able to talk to get their meaning across - maybe they are more clever than us.
Good luck for the future now that you are getting your life on track.

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RIP little Georgie

My brother had rats and they were adorable, such characters and so intelligent. You were lucky to find each other.

Carol x

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