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RC Cheese


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I love it ... its mature so you dont need much when cooking or even using it grated in a sandwich and it isnt 'spongy' like other low fat cheeses.


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I love cheese though, and I don't buy any other now .... all personal choice I guess.

My suggestion is try it and see for yourself. However, if you only like mild cheese it may be too strong for you.


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I couldnt find it in Asda, so opted for the WW cheese! I havent tried it yet, but I assume this will be ok to have....think it was 3% fat to 100gm.....


Life is not a Rehersal!
Ah, thanks Sarah
Checked the cheese again from WW and it is 6% fat, not what I thought, but still not too bad. I havent had any cheese apart from philly light! But, I would just have a small piece grated to flavour :)


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ww cheese is horrible or i think so anyway the only time i have it is if i fancy cheese on toast.

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