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RC NSV - Non-Scale Victories!

I have seen this on a lot of the other diet forums and i thought it would be nice for us to have our own. I have been reading the CC ones and it is really inspiring to read people posts and see what victories (however small) they have had.

If you dont know A NSV is a positive experience with your weight loss that is not related to the scales but still makes you feel awesome!!!

I would start but dont have any at the moment, one i posted on the CC page a while ago was ...

Came in to work this morning and a friend that had been off for one weeks came over and said she could not believe how slim i looked and how much size i have lost since last week!!!! Now she just keep looking at me whenever I walk past.

Such a nice feeling, really spured me on for the day

Now everytime you have a NSV, pop along here and brag to the rest of us about it, what a lovely feeling!!! xxx
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I love these feelings :)
The other week I had a lady I know bump into me and she said "bloody hell Stacey you look ever so slim"! I had a massive smile for the rest of the afternoon.

Also today I went to get my eyebrows waxed, not been to the same salon since April 2010 and she said I looked tiny & asked me if I was dieting & working out :D xx
Only a little one for me, but hay its worth mentioning. I have managed to stay on track for two days!!! after a few month of being on and off I am soo pleased.


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My slim 18 yr old daughter said to me today "you don't look bad, can tell you've lost weight"
Great NSV, I love hearing these sort of things.


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I got through my first day without caving!
Here's one I got from Hubby yesterday....
Two weeks ago I bought some cheap jogging bottoms from Asda, just so I could do my walks in them etc. They were quite fitted & abit tight round my bum & thighs.

Had them on yesterday & Hubby said, "you aint had them long & already they are baggy on you, you are getting really toned now"! :)


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Aw bless him :)
My hubby told me today my bum was smaller - I've only been doing it one day! Think he was trying to give me encouragement!
Almost forgot to post this here! i'm wearing my (small)size 18 trousers and they fit perfectly (not too tight or too loose) feels soo good having correctly fitting trousers and they are my smallest size 18s!


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That's great! I've been getting lovely comments lately. Still not able to button my size 16 jeans but they go over my bum now!!
What a great thread :) My NSV: was getting dressed for work on Monday and realised my work trousers (size 24) really were getting far too baggy to look good, so I now have a new smaller pair of trousers to wear to work instead :D (size 22)


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Ohhh I am sitting in size 16 jeans! I have a muffin top but they're comfortable :)

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