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RC solo slim

Hi Irene,

you can order it from the RC website. Its basically a pack with soups, ready meals cheese and snack bars in. You choose the soup and ready meals you want and have it delivered to your door.

Yes as the diet chef. I think (as I dont go back to class til tonight) that they are more for people who live alone, or have to cook their meals seperately. They are not suggesting everyone only use RC meals, but its an alternative.

I think its a full weeks worth of food you get. I guess its up to you if you use all the food in that week or over 2-3 weeks and use it as a stand-by (which I will probably do).
Hiya i bought solo slim pack off the RC website (dont go to class yet but am doing from next week) i chose 7 soups, 7 ready meals, and it also came with two boxes of nutrition bars and a block of cheese. will keep me going! Only tried chorizo and bean soup so far and the chicken thai curry and really impressed!!! Going to cook with the cheese tonight for the family and see if they can tell the difference! Food is delicious and stopped me heading to the vending machine for the ever present choc at work today so would recommend giving this a go. Seems to be cheaper than diet chef too (i like to research, not so good at doing...) but 2010 is a new year!

Has anyone else bought solo slim as yet? i'm going to give it to my hubby tomorrow and see if he notices i didnt cook it!!
have had the cereal bars before, and I was given a soup tonight from my franchisee and I've had the cheese for a long time. It is a mature chedder, so you tend not to need so much.

Let us know what your hubby thinks.
RC cheese?

Has anyone seen this in there supermarket? The Asda near me used to stock RC products but seems to have stopped doing so this last couple of years. What supermarkets stock RC products now please?
I bought a week's food box online Tues evening and it was delivered today.

The packs of meals and soups look very like the dietchef ones but with a different label. My OH had a ginger bar and liked it.

Irene xx
I've had the minestrone soup and its lovely and thick. Quite filling.

I've had the bars and I actually find them a little sweet, but I don't have a particularly sweet tooth.

As for the cheese, I thought it was Asda that sold it, and large Morrisons maybe. if not does your franchisee sell it?

Just thought i'd update on om progress with Rosemary Conley Solo SLim foods - the thai chicken curry solo slim is incredible! I bought too - cooked them both and gave one to my hubby and i had one - HE didnt notice i didn't cook them and also asked where the recipe was from! I just said rosemary conley... didnt say anything else! Am loving these foods - easy for me to just eat the contents and not pick whilst cooking, or afterwards.
Favourite soup is 3 bean and chorizo, but tomato was yummy too. Would recommend the solo slim to anyone not sure!

Trying the lamb hot pot tonight...will let you know!

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