RC wi results


After having a very good start back on CD a month ago loosing 16lb, I then had a relapse and ate everything in sight!!

I have come to the conclusion that at the moment doing CD is making me even more food obsessed than I was before! I am either being 100% good or 100% bad..not even eating healthy stuff....just any stuff thats around!

I realised that I need to address the issues I have with food...so I have joined Rosemary Conely class and went for the first exercise class on tuesday and have been following the plan fine. Was very odd the first day to be 'legally' having breakfast, lunch and dinner!!
CD has been fab for me, it has got me to a place where I can lose the other weight. At the beginning doing a conventional diet and looking to loose 4 1/2 stone was just too huge to fathom...but having lost 3st on CD I am now able to face the rest that I have to loose.
I also know that I need to be doing the exercise so the class is good...I would rather pay £5 and get wi and exercise, rather than just wi and sit and have a meeting...but we are all different and its what suits us individually that counts.

Anyway I had gained about 4lb this last week..by eating junk,(wi showed more than that at RC class but that was after eating and drinking and wi with clothes and shoes on!!) so I will wi next tues at class and let you know the loss!

Would love to carry on posting ..so think I might have to start my own RC thread!!

Catch up with you all soon Lou XX
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Lou I am so thrilled that you have found a new begining that is going to suit you.

Let's face it, most diets actually work if you can stick to them so finding the right one is the key.

I take it you are going to keep us posted with your progress? I'm a right nosey baggage so I'd love to know how you are getting on :D
Best of luck to you Lou, ive done Rosemary before and it worked fine, loved the exercise class too. Youll do great.
Day 3 of new start

Well here we are on day 3 of my healthy eating and exercise regime....the eating is going great just havent managed to get the rest of the exercise in yet!:eek:

Anyway feeling good and very healthy I am keeping up with loads of water...funny how your body gets used to it I am deffo feeling it when I am not drinking enough!

I have been having my 3 healthy meals and a day and then healthy snack twice a day...feels like I am eating tonnes!! was a bit afraid I would be gaining weight...as even last week when I was binging most evenings I was still only having CD packs through out the day....but anyway I got on the scales this am and since wed morning I have lost 3lb !! which I am more than happy with!

One thing that has made me laugh is the amount of times I have erm ..... been going no 2's!!!! Ok on CD i was going once a day/every 2 days...but now its twice a day at least!!!!PMSL!!!:rolleyes: Guess its just my body getting used to food again!

We are off to mums tomorrow, vic helping to put up a conservatory with my brother so me and mum are off to try on wedding dresses!!! oohhh exciting!!!:)

Will let you all know how we get on on sunday night!

Have a great weekend everybody, and thanks for all your support as always!

Hugs Lou X
Whatever works is great for you! :)
Really glad CD has helped you, and now you are nearer goal it will be much easier i'm sure!

the class sounds cool. I loved aerobics and ran until my running partner got pregnant! But she's due soon and said she wants to go running again to get ready for the next race for life next year. :)

Have fun! and i'm sure the weight will drop off! ;)
Hi Lou,

Good luck with Rosemary Conely. I have bought her magazine on more than one occasion and it is very good and some very good stuff in it and I like the way she is big into exercise.

I look forward to your post with interest to see how you are getting on.

How far away is the big day?

Love Mini xxx
So happy for you Lou!!

I am so happy to hear you have found something that you know will work for you.

As we said before there is no point being on CD when you know you are gonna cheat all the time.
I find while I am on ss I do obsess about food more than say when I was on ww or sw but thats coz I know your not allowed 'real' food..
Ooohhh did I mention food again? I must behave!!! :rolleyes:

Keep me posted chick, will be supporting you all the way..

Love & hugs

Rosemary Conely Forum

Welcome Lou to your new Rosemary Conely Forum:D

I hope now you will make yourself at home here.

Loe Mini xxx
Thanks mini!!!! and welcome to the RC forum!!!

So great to have my own space and a space where others can come and join in......whatever weight loss journey we are taking...support and advice are always welcomed and appreciated.
So feel free to join in I always love to hear other peoples stories and achievements!!

I have done RC in the past and loved it, having done cd and lost 3stone I now feel the need to tackle my problems and food issues in conjunction with loosing the last 2 stone.

Its 6 months sunday till the wedding!!!!!!! I will be a slim bride and love and enjoy every minute of special day, instead of feeling fat and uncomfortable!!!(which is how I would have been if I had not have found CD)

Off to bed now, have a great weekend all...please feel free to join me on the new RC forum!!

Hugs Lou XXX
WI tonight

I have been on RC for a whole week now and its already wi and exercise class tonight!

I have had a good week and it has been very nice to be eating but to be in control again!

Unfortunatly I got totm this morning so dont know how that will affect wi tonight......but whatever I am pleased to be eating sensible stuff again.
I have found this week though, especially after being at mums on the weekend and eating home made whole grain bread :p that I have been quite badly constipated...I guess that could also be due to the fact that I have been so busy over the past 4 days that I havent been driunking the amounts of water I have been used to. Anyway had a good 'clear out' last night:rolleyes: so hoping to doesnt affect wi too much tonight!

Will keep you all posted on wi results !

Hope you are all doing well...if there are another RC-ers out there then please join in!!!

Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine!

hugs lou X
Good luck with the weigh in Lou!!!

I've never done RC but know a few people who have and they've had brilliant results! You are so gonna be at goal for your wedding!! What a great incentive!!

Can you tell us a typical days menu on RC....?
hi Karen

Hope you are having a good day honey...(still find your photos so amazing and such an inspiration!!!)

The principle of RC is low fat and low GI food. anything less than 5g of fat per 100g is ok, but you still have to be aware of calories per portion...lots of things are low in fat but higher in sugar!

The GI part I am still getting to grips with, have never done anything to do with GI before. Things like whole grain bread, brown rice and pasta are lower gi than white and apparently a just ripe banana is alot lower than a ripe one!

On a typical day I have been having 2 weetabix/shredded wheat for brekkie with skimmed milk, lunch has been whole grain bread/pitta bread with salad, sliced chicken and dinner has been new pots, low fat or veggie sausages/chicken/fish etc and loads of veg or salad. In between meals you can have a some fruit or veg or a small salad.

The idea is also some exercise a few times a week...I did do half a an hour RC video..which is from 10 yrs ago...so they are all in lovely lycra leotards!!!with groovy music!!LOL....but that has been about it this week...really must do some more in the coming weeks and deffo some toning.!

Tried on a beautiful size...14 wedding dress on sat it was stunning and really pulled me in at the waist and I realy did have to do a double take as I looked so slim!!! It was way over budget but gave me a real idea of styles....I also need to do toning on my back and upper body(round about shoulder blades) as when the dress was pulled in I had a little roll over the top of the dress...not very attractive!!

Anyway must go and get little ones to bed!(childminder!! )

Chat soon honey...hoping you are managing to beat your deomns and kicking arse where CB is concerned!!!

hugs Lou x
Good Luck tonight, don't forget to let us know when you get back how you got on! I hate TOTM mine is due WI day too!! Argh! Still, maybe it will just be a lovely surpise next week if it doesnt show this week!
Good luck with your weigh-in Lou. I love RC .. I lost quite a bit of weight before on that plan and the exercise is FANTASTIC. In my humble opinion it's what sets RC above the other conventional diet classes (only a personal opinion of course - I know it's horses for courses :) )

The only reason I didn't get all the way to goal with RC is because I had SO MUCH to lose that it was taking literally years and I simply ran out of steam. CD is working for me because for once I can see the finishing line. Once I reach goal, I'll definitely be adopting the 'RC' way of eating and I might even join a class for the exercise and to maintain.

Let us know how you do!
well got back from class a while ago and in my first week I have lost 3lb.

I was hoping to loose more but totm arrived this am and I have been quite constipated this week....but 3lb is good..but whats more important to me is that I have been able to eat food this week and be in control...and this is the battle that I have to overcome!

So at the end of my week I am happy and looking foward to grabbing back the control and loosing more weight and staying at goal when I get there!

Thanks for your help and support as always!:)

Hugs Lou X