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Re-feed before holiday....

As you may or may not know.... i have started to re-feed today then i can take some painkillers.... Feeling pants but some food is easing the pain!!!! :rolleyes:

Here goes....

DAY 1 (250lbs)

Breakfast: LT Vanilla with coffee
Lunch: LT strawberry
Dinner: Tuna, spinach, 1/2 red pepper, onion and balsamic vinegar, Forgot to buy cucumber! Doh!!!
Snacks: None.
Drinks: Coffee(3) Peppermint tea (2)
Water: 3.5 litres
Extras: Lempsip lol...
Feeling: Apprehensive about eating... not looking forward to getting back on LT after hols!!!!!

Over and out!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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Breakfast: LT Vanilla with coffee
Lunch: Chicken breast, roasted with mushrooms and spinach (SO couldn't finish the chicken breast!)
Dinner: Tandoori chicken and salad (Other half wanted a takeaway lol.... No poppadoms or chappati for me though!!!)
Snacks: None.
Drinks: Coffee(3)
Water: 3 litres
Extras: Lempsip lol...
Feeling: Was scared of not being able to resist carbs with takeaway.... super proud of myself for sticking to chicken and salad.
so far so good your doing well mrs !!! should be proud of yourself =)

Breakfast: LT Vanilla with coffee
Lunch: Egg salad!!! (Sooooo enjoyed it!)
Dinner: Haddock fillet, spinach, peas and 4 new potatoes.
Snacks: 1 slice of stilton
Drinks: Coffee(3)
Water: 4 litres
Extras: Lempsip lol...
Feeling: Feeling a bit blue today!!! Think its the cold!!! : ( I feel like i shouldn't be re-feeding as i'm not at goal!!!! But know i have to for my holiday!!! Feeling anxious about getting back on it after my hols!!!!

Breakfast: LT Vanilla with coffee
Lunch: Egg salad
Dinner: Chicken, pitta bread, salad, 2 slices of Haloumi, Reduced fat hummous!
Snacks: 1 apple, 1 LF Yog
Drinks: Coffee(3)
Water: 4 litres
Feeling: Starting to feel better with regards to the cold so all good!!!

Breakfast: 1 piece wholemeal bread, 1 egg scrambled, grilled mushroom, 2 rashers bacon (All fat removed)
Lunch: Roast chicken (Breast meat only) Carrot, Roasted New potatoes (No oil!) 2 tblsp gravy
Dinner: Strawberry shake
Snacks: 1 carrot & hummous
Drinks: Coffee(2) 2 glasses red wine
Water: 3 litres
Feeling: Nice to completely relx and make sunday dinner for OH and best mate. I had new potatoes roasted with no oil, reward of two glasses of red!
Sounds like your doing well :0) keep it up x


Like a Renegade Master
mmmm pita bread, ummmm red wine, ummm haddock lol now i am all jealous

Breakfast: LT Vanilla in my coffee
Lunch: OH half insisted on taking me out for lunch.... i had a halumi and falafal kebab..... (I left the bread though!!!)
Dinner: Chocolate LT (Felt guilty for going out lol....)
Snacks: None
Drinks: Coffee(2)
Water: 2 litres
Feeling: Was nice to eat out but panicked and left the bread and had 2 shakes.... Still have a lingering cough thats stopping me getting swimming!!!! : (
Have been feeling very down about the re-feed.... and then this morning.... i came on!!! Ahhhhhh that explains it!!! Lol.... Hoping to feel better.... a few days of feeling sorry for myself with a hot water bottle...and then holidays!!! YIppeeeeee!!!!
Exactly Hun. Pure joy!

Because of mine I have only lost 1kg this week :( Well.. better then STS as other people but, I hope I could get better value next week because of that..

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