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Re-feed starts today

Hi, I have been 100% on TFR for 9 weeks and now is the time to re-feed :eek:

How much tuna can I have, would half a tin be ok or is that too much? Also can I have pickled beetroot/onions and sweetcorn or should that be left until later in the process.

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I have bought some small tins of tuna which is in spring water
I too was wondering how much you were aloud a tuna salad for a lunch would be fantastic

hiya gemha, you are now my refeed buddy lol

Hi Amanda - you've had a fantastic weightloss, how have you found tonight?

So I've had

Sat 30 Oct
B - LT
L - LT
D - Small salad with tuna and balsamic viniger

and now I am full
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I had a chicken breast, salad with balsamic... Left a bit of the chicken to be honest as I was full...

Oh my god tho the salad was exquisite, I bought a lot of diferent salad and some fresh herbs too, and the flavours WOW

Sweet peppers are my new favourite...

It was strange to use a knife and fork tho

Are you doing a standard refeed, or taking it slow?
I am following the re-feed sheet as I'm really not enjoying the shakes anymore.

Sun 30 Oct
B - LT vanilla with added coffee
L- extra small salad with tuna and balsamic vinegar
D - Salad with chicken cooked with italian mixed herbs, salt and pepper (tbh I could only manage about 2 1/2 oz of chicken!!)
How much tuna did u have in the end Hun?

Balsamic is wonderful isn't it lol
balsamic is gorgeous! I had 1/2 a normal size tin - a lot ligher to eat than the chicken but really yummy x
I have had a gorgeous tea tonight!

Mon 1 Nov
B- LT Vanilla with added coffee
L- Tiny salad with chicken and herbs
D - Small fish, broccoli, peas and 4oz jacket potato with plain yogurt and tarragon sprinked on potato and the fish - couldn't eat it all

1 hour of areobics

When is it ok to have cheese or cottage cheese?
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sounds good! its exciting but scary at the same time isnt it lol.. are you's refeeding for life.. or refeeding for an event then back to tfr? Im planning on finished tfr when i find out if i still have a job on friday, so im wondering should i avoid the potatoe days?
Missy - I was so scared of refeeding, I'm refeeding for life and going to try losing either on my own or joining slimming world.
Sorry to hear your having troubles with your job - I think if there is a possibility of returning to tfr I would stick with the protein days and avoid carbs.
Ok - this diet has been the best thing ever to happen to me. I have had a lot of c**p thrown at me at work which has left me feeling upset and stressed, before this diet as soon as I had put Jessica to bed I would of had the best part of a bottle of wine and chocolate both last night and tonight, the way things are going tomorrow two BUT honestly I had a brief moment yesterday where I was tempted and I have managed/coped without it.

Tue 3 Nov
B - Chocolate LT shake
L - Small chicken salad and balsamic vinegar
D - Same as yesterday!

Wed 4 Nov
B - Chocolate LT shake
L - Small chicken salad and balsamic vinegar
D - apple, banana, kiwi with 0% fat yogurt - due to stress and not feeling hungry but didn't want to get into the habit of missing meals again.

I must start to plan evening meals more
Good to see you gemha, was worried when I hadn't seen you...
Keep positive Hun, your doing fantastic... Xx

I too need to plan... Chicken and salad is lovely, but I don't think I can eat just that for two weeks, need to think about what I can at least do with the chicken lol
No need to worry - have been busy at home and work. Chicken salad is becoming tiresome.

Thurs 4 Nov
B - LT chocolate
L - ham and cottage cheese sandwich, 1/2 apple
D - ham salad with jacket potato

snacks - banana

Exercise - gym induction & 15 mins on bike, 1hour of legs tums and bums = ouch!
I like going the gym but an hour of LBT is taking the pish lol
I am aching so much today, I was a bit naughty yesterday but will be back on track today without fail! Also as I have now done the re-feed will go across to maintenance eek!

Fri 5 Nov
B choc LT shake
L turkey and cherry tomato sandwich
D small jacket with chilli

snacks - 2 small peices of bonfire toffee and 5 dorritos with salsa and cheese on :cry:
Have u had your weigh in today Hun ?
I get weighed in on a Friday - can't believe I have lost 3lbs.
Congrats... Really pleased for you xx
So are you changing to maintenance now, is your refeed done?
Thank you - yes going to go on maintenance although going to try and loose a touch more. It feels really strange being 'let loose' in the world of food again!

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