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Re-invention of the cd 100% club-sign in thread!!!


I'm Fabulous!!!

New joiner here!!! 100% sole source, today is my first day!!! The first day of the rest of my life!!! I would love to join; I don't weigh in until Saturday, so till then before I can post weigh-in updates. NB: I've been on the calorie counting diet for the past week but apparently gained back a few water-weight (i hope)kilograms.
I'll join in if I may. Been on Sole Source 100% for 11 days.

Last week lost 9lbs. :D
Very well done! How are you finding it? I SS-ed last week, and lost only 1 lb! Back on 810 now!
Any loss is a good loss!

I'm doing just fine. I do crave meat but it's the price I have to pay. One day at a time, pacing myself and keeping the goal in mind.

I'm lucky in that my work colleagues are extremely supportive, can't wait for my weigh-in. :D
Is this club still open?
Hi Everyone!

I'm new to this, as well as Cambridge.

Been doing it for a week, and lost 10lbs! No cheating or anything lol

Not liking the Strawberry and Fruits of the Forest shakes, but love all the soups, other shakes, and pordiges.

Any idea how to make the ones i dont like, taste nicer?

Is this still an active thread? If so I would like to join my first weigh I won't be until next Monday :)

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I just drink water as I don't really like it flavoured but they really help a lot of people drink their water quota.

This thread is not really very active these days, but I still subscribe to it which is why I am seeing your posts. I put on 2lbs this week as I have my family staying and have been a little bit off plan -- put it this way, I had 5 porridges left at the end of the week, which means I only did two good CD days out of 7! Not good. However they leave today so I am going to SS for five days (I see my CWPC on Tuesdays) to make up for it and try and get these squatter lbs off again before my birthday so will see you on here if you are doing 100%!
I've lost 11lbs so far, and i'm on STep two liquid. So i have four sachets and a pint of milk. Tend to have Porridge, shake, soup and rice pudding :) then some milk.

I feel so full, and struggle to get even three in!
Yesterday, i only had 2, and forced down my third as i remembered i needed one.

Anyone else have this issue?

I use water flavourings as i struggle to drink all the water as it gets too bland.
No, I have no problem with my packs, look forward to them, but have heard of others who forget or find they don't want them. Better than being too hungry I suppose?
Well I'm with you there, I couldn't have a soup pack to save my life! Strawberry shake, malt toffee bar and original porridge is my daily menu.
Would a shake not feel more like just having a nice drink, and less like a 'meal' or is it because you just don't like the taste of them?
Water is always a problem. I find the only way to do it, is to concentrate on it. Like don't just have a glass beside you at all times. That's not enough. I have to tell myself I am not getting up until I finish the glass! :rolleyes:

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