Re: Ketosis whilst on Exante?

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Just had a quick look through the nutritional info on some of the shakes, soups and bars and I note that most each contain around 20g of Carbohydrates.

Having 3 shakes/soups/bars a day would equate to around 60g of Carbs.

I remember when I was doing Atkins that only 20g of Carbs were permitted per day to ensure that you went into Ketosis.

Is 60g of Carbs a lot to be consuming when you're trying to get into Ketosis on this diet?
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i have just had a look at the CD bars and Tetras in my cupboard and both contain 15grams of carbs, so over a day you would have 45 grams, but you also get into keto on SS+ which allows you 4 cd packs = 60 grams.

So i think you will still get into keto as long as you dont eat anything other than the packs allowed.

I hope this helps :D