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Re-start. 12months out, 12lbs on!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by carlyb1208, 25 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. carlyb1208

    carlyb1208 Full Member

    Hi. Im restarted SW today...
    Havent been since august last year and i got weighed today and iv put on 12lb. I thought it was more..
    Had lots go on in the last 6 months and at first i lost lots of weight due to the problems but somehow now i seen to have gained it all back and more!!!

    So here is my diary so far... Had my friends round for tea tonight and i didnt touch the pizza or sweets!!!

    2x 400g wholemeal toast
    2x extra light laughing cows (hex a)

    Batchelors tomato an herb pasta
    Birdseye bbq chicken breast 4syns ( used to be??)
    Red onion

    Chicken skewers made with peppers courgette onion mushrooms
    Batchelors chicken savoury rice
    Salad- peppers lettuce tomato cucumber onion
    30g of perinaise?? ( no idea how much)

    Im trying to stick to 10syns or less as im going out for a meal friday.. Hopefully iv done that today. Still havent got my log in details for app so until i get that im guessing syns a little bit.
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  3. carlyb1208

    carlyb1208 Full Member

    Breakfast -
    Chewy special k bar HEXb
    Strawberrys banana and ww yogurt

    Snack - tea skimmed milk
    Lunch- batchelors chicken rice
    Courgette peppers mushrooms onions tomatos cucumber
    35g of perinaise??? Unsure of syn value

    Jacket potato
    30g cheese hex a (plus tiny bit of milk before in tea)
    Onion cucumber and tomato

    No snacks today... Had a brilliant start to my day by getting a promotion
    Awful end to the day by having a huge argument with my soon to be ex husband ??

    Drank lots of water today and a glass of pepsi max with tea.

    Tomorrow is date night so i might treat myself as iv hardly used any syns the last 2 days xx
  4. Strawbs28

    Strawbs28 Member

    Hiya :),
    Just dropped by to subscribe. Best of luck with your weightloss. You heading anywhere nice for your meal later? xxx
  5. carlyb1208

    carlyb1208 Full Member

    Thanks for subscribing!!
    I havent really wrote anything down this weekend!!!

    I didnt end up having a meal out on friday... I went to the pub an had 3 small glasses of wine with lemo.

    Saturday i fell off the wagon a little
    But yesterday i got back on it an didnt eat too badly!!

    Todays food so far....

    1/2 melon

    2 eggs
    Tomato and cucumber
    And a little bit of light salad cream. (Not sure of syns)

    Snack- special k chewy bar..

    I need some ideas for tea!! Needs to be synfree
  6. carlyb1208

    carlyb1208 Full Member

    Tea- batchelors pasta tomato an herb with added mushrooms, courgette, peppers and onions.
    45g light cheese on top!

    Didnt have my snack before of special kay bar so might have a benefit bar later for my hex b

  7. Strawbs28

    Strawbs28 Member

    Well done for getting back on the plan so quickly :) Its so hard to break old habits at times isnt it? I have found that even though im not hungry on the plan there has been a couple of times ive thought id love to just eat whatever i can find and ive craved and even dreamt about a chinese takeaway this week lol but i will be treating myself to one with all the trimmings perhaps during the summer hols :D I have looked at all the lower syn bits on the menu but im defo the type that would rather have a full blown everything i like takeaway once or twice a year than a healthy option more often lol xx
  8. carlyb1208

    carlyb1208 Full Member

    2lb off.not really good for my first week but considering i had a few blips a loss is still a loss i guess!!!

    Breakfast today was strawberrys 2 apples and a benefit light bar.

    Lunch was turkey an ham subway on brown bread with a lil bit of mayo an loads of salad... (Treat lunch on weigh day)

    Tea will be feta cheese salad with cous cous
  9. Strawbs28

    Strawbs28 Member

    Well done on your loss hun :D. I also lost 2lbs my first week i had hoped for more but was doing slimfast for the last few weeks so im thinking if i hadnt been already 'dieting' it could have been more but i still cant work out how going from eating once a day plus 2 shakes to eating as much as i want means i still lost weight haha xx

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