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re-start i'm so annoyed with myself

Hello all it's me again:wave_cry:
I'm really struggling, i'm so used to self destruct when i start to feel good i seem to have to go spoil it for myself:cry:
Ok i did three weeks (-18lbs)and felt great, came off on refeed (for several reasons) and lost a further 3lbs in the two weeks that followed...then things went totally to pot and my old eating habits returned with a vengeance. I told myself i would come back after my hubbies b'day (yesterday) and kind of just used it as an excuse to over eat!
I feel terrible really, sluggish, bloated, disappointed with myself. I was suppossed to restart this am but totally couldn't face it and convinced myself i could eat healthily...yeah right...for a few hours maybe...what is wrong with me:break_diet:
So tomorrow is a new day and i will try again...i've so missed you guy's, you are doing so well, please tell me your secret lol :eek:
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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You do sound as if you are all in a muddle. I know you came off for a number of reasons and it has to be hard to get back to LT.
I think you have to ask yourself "Do I really want to do it". There just never is a good time to start something like this as we can find any excuse to break off, like birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions etc etc. You know you can do it as you did do so well for three weeks so you just have to make up your mind to start and to stick to it. If you restart now, you really need to be prepared to stick to it over the xmas hols. It is pointless to do another stop start attempt as you will find it hard to get motivated yet again. Perhaps consider the maintenance option until after xmas and then go TFR from Jan 1st. You can and will do it, just got to get your head in the right space. We all make several half hearted attempts to start losing weight before we finally go the distance. Chin up.
I went totally off the rails & have only just managed to get myself back - it's odd because everyday I'd get up & know that I felt sluggish & horrible eating, in a way I don't on LT (mainly, of course, because I was eating all the wrong things) & the desire to eat was much more to do with wanting to sabotage my success.

It is so tough once you've broken it, I know! But, really focus on how fantastic you felt when you were losing & how much better you felt than now. & more importantly - you are much more worthwhile than the food - I've realised that I was prioritising food & a fleeting pleasure above my own happiness.

As Irish Molly said though, best to try to follow some sort of maintenance plan if you're not in the right place for TFR! Don't want to spoil all your hard work!!

Good luck!! :)


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