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is slowly shrinking
Hi people, sorry not beeen around, not been in a good place for few days. Sunk into a deep depression which i do sometimes suffer from, so what did i do, binge.
Well i have just been reading your threads and i was gonna start again next week as i have my prom saturday. But after reading your posts you have all encouraged me to start tomorrow instead. I know i have prob done the damage already but i will just have to grin and bear it. I have thought if i don;t start tomoro then i will continue to binge and that will get me nowhere, so back on track tomorrow, but i will have a day off sat for my ball, so heres to a new beginning once again. i am so glad i have come here again as it has inspired me. thanks people x you are diamonds.:)
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YAY! Good for you :D

Glad you're in a better frame of mind now.

Have a wonderful time at your ball.



Grumpy Old Git
Welcome back to the right place.....:)


Rebel without a calorie
Oh well done hun! You know the way this diet works and re-starting after a binge even for a few days will make you lose any bloating that may have occurred during your down time.
I'm a bit concerned that when I put my bikinis on next week I'll be bloated from starting to eat again so I'm determined to be very careful. After all what's the point of losing almost 3 stone before a holiday to have a huge bloated tummy lol.
You can do this, you know you can x x
Best of luck with your restart, you know you can do this now.

BUT (and there's always a but with me isn't there? :D) use what you have been through wisely and store it for the future.

Analyse how you have felt just recently and why. How did food make you feel better, and why? How do you feel about it now? What did you binge on - if you go to the dark place again could you still be able to eat but perhaps in a more diet-friendly way? You need to get to grips with your emotional demons to really be able to make progress with your life.

You have come so far and have so much going for you, you've qualified and graduated, you have the new job to look forward to, you ARE losing weight and changing shape in your own little way even if you are not necessarily doing it 100% by the book, you have a good relationship with your partner and family.

Look at the good things in your life and be the strong person that you are.



reaching my goal
Hi shirley , hope you are ok i know how difficult it can be to restart so good luck. I should be weighing today but it was ashtons birthday yesterday so i had party food with him and a meal out .so im going to weigh nxt wed. I m thinking of weighing fortnitely any way because its slowing down know you want that big boost.

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