Re-started YAY!!


Sometimes we expect miracles and they don't happen! Attempting to follow PMck's way while surrounded by xmas goodies wasn't my best idea. I didn't manage it. I put on 7kg.:eek: :( Sooooo... last sunday I re-started CD:) . 6 days gone and 4kg back off, :p :D I'm feeling fine!! Decided I'm gonna stick with CD now until my operation. I have a provisional date for 13th March, so only approx 9 weeks to go for my new hip. Also using a Tai chi DVD I got for xmas - Tai Chi for Arthritis by Dr Paul Lam - to slowly strengthen my leg muscles. It's hard for me to have all my weight on my right leg, but stronger muscles will help my recovery so worth percevering with (spelling?).
Anyway, 9 weeks isn't very long so that's scary, but a good target for the weight. Would be nice if I could get under 14st by then, and should be possible but I won't beat myself up about it if not. Hope will give me the push to stay strong with CD though.

I have to say you've done fantastically so far anyway. Good luck with your op!
Well done and a fantastic outlook on things.

I think we sometimes beat ourselves up too much over things and put ourselves under too much pressure.