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Re-starting the re=start

So i've been through a heck of a lot this year and i'm just about at the end of my tether. I successfully lost 5 and 1/2 stone from September to Jan this year on SS/SS+ only to find out about the dreaded gall stones Since my operation to remove my gallbladder in June (and subsequent 12 week break from Cambridge) I've managed to put on about a 1st 7lbs, which takes my total weight loss needed before my big day next May of around 7 stone

Myself and my partner who are both fit and normally healthly albeit very overweight have been through the mill this year with various illnesses and hospital/doctors trips. I quite proudly said at the beginning of the year that the only time i've been into hospital has been to visit others...since jan i've had 8 trips to the hopistal from and including new years eve....IT'S ONLY SEPTEMBER! I came down with a simple cold last week (when i was supposed to be into my second week on SS) and low and behold i've now got a full blown chest infection and been given a 5 day plan of antibiotics and an inhaler....an inhaler!!!! I'm 28 and i sound like my great grandmother of 74 before she passed away (rip nanny h) after she used to smoke 20 park drive a day!! What the hell is wrong with me??

I've been massively sabotaging my re-start. I lost 3lbs after 2 days of being back on SS and since then i've eaten. My excuses will be my cold/chest infection, pressure/stress, lack of support from hubby to be blah blah blah...do you ever wonder why we do it? Why we hold onto the desperate dream of fitting back into a size whatever and then watch yourself hammer 7 maryland cookies (the big ones at 125cals each). I do...i'm convinced i love the drama it creates...the excitment of doing something in private that no-one else witnessed, telling a white lie to someone close hoping that the scales may lie...the breaking of the rules..but i sit there with that smirk that can only come from enjoying something truly scrumptious not realising conciously that the only one I've are hurting is ourselves.

I've got my weigh in scheduled for Thurs and i know i'm going to have put on...however...I've been doing some research on inspirational quotes to try and keep me motivated for the next couple of days to 'minimise the damage'. I have to stop playing the victim with excuses and everything else. I will not be a fat bride...i simply don't have the height to carry it off lol . I cannot travel all the way to disneyworld in florida and be the porky princess in a white dress...it's not going to happen, and although i know this i still eat I will no longer let food or my mind destroy my dream...i have cupcakes for my wedding party when we return to the UK and i'm going to eat one knowing that everyone isn't looking at me thinking 'should she really be eating that'.

I've decided to keep my own sanity...that i'm going to be doing a diary of my journey...day by day..here (including one of the said quotes) so that everyone else can have a read or a laugh as the case may be as i try to keep myself on track for my beautiful wedding next year. Plus i expect the readers to be giving me some stick along the way if i let myself down

So i wanna hear from you if you've ever had gall stones, have a wedding coming up and are stressing about planning or 'the dress' or if you have discovered those Maryland cookies generally anyone who feels deep down some of what i have just ranted on about or even if you don't...I'm here to share...because i've discovered it's no good trying to do it on your own even with the most wonderful counsellors as mine is. The laptop/PC/Netbook are always there whereas i'm not sure my counsellor would appreciate a conversation at 1am when i'm thinking about eating a tub of ice cream .


Day 1 of re-starting the re-start begins at 6:30am tomorrow...update tomorrow evenings as my man Thomas Edison states...theres no harm in trying just one more time....

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain

way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Thomas A. Edison
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First Day over

So, after my little ranty rant last night the first day is nearly over :)

Its gone well so far, i enjoyed a shake this morning at work and then again at lunch. Despite the chest infection i've felt quite upbeat and perky today:cool:

I've managed 2 litres of water today and by the time i've had another large glass in a mo with my spicy tomato soup i'll have done exactly what i wanted to acheive today...Yay!!

Hubby to be is on a night duty tonight so i've got the house and the bed to muself which is good in one way but the lonliness set's in, as the puppy tends to sleep right the way through. However i do have a ton of studying to do so i'll probably fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow :D

I'm getting a bit more worried about tomorrow as it's my weigh in and i always struggle with day 2 , but hey i know i've cheated so there's nothing i can do about it but live with the consequences and if i go into day 2 thinking it's going to be bad....self fulfilling prophecy may dictate my day for me!!! So positive, positive, positive thoughts for tomorrow! :)

Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can! :8855:
Well done for getting through day one. I'm halfway there and wondering if I can avoid the fridge, despite having to cook dinner for my lot. I planned to stop for two weeks whilst I went on holiday and 7 weeks later I was still bingeing. I put on one stone and 5lb in that time and I'm desperate to get back on plan. We're off to Disney Land Paris in November, then there's Christmas and Majorca in May and Egypt in October so lots of goals to aim for.

We could be buddies if you want, I could do with as much moral support as possible !!

I'm planning a wedding, 20 months this Sunday and about 10 stone to loose :( I'm on day one and have already thrown up twice today :( I'm in bed now trying to stop the sickness!

I'm 27 and the weight gain is a result of finding out I gave thyroid issue and pcos but they only found it all put after I had pit the weight on and done everything they asked me too so CWP it is :(

I'm still going to plod on but seriously not looking forward to my next shake

Lou xx
Awww I feel your pain. The shakes do get tastier over time. Stick with it because you have so much to gain from losing (if you know what I mean!) and if need be you can later move up to SS+ or even 810 (my own fave). Losses will still be fab.

Good luck both of you! Good luck everyone x
Hey, what a fab post and the Edison quote really applies to me lol! I restarted today and want to loose 3 stone minimum, 4 would be awesome. I'm hoping to get into ketosis by having no carbs and then switch to the packs to boost the weight loss. Has anyone ever tried this b4?? And more importantly does it work?
Lol...what a disaster

Sooo thanks for all of the replies ladies, def would like to follow each of you as you progress, because we are all going to get there! We just have to have a bit of faith! :)

It's been a bit of a disaster since my weigh in...had to have my non-smoking appt with the NHS lady, which went really well and i've been smoke free since sunday and ii'm not craving...although i do have a 15mg patch which is alot more than i used to smoke per day anyway but hey i'm not smoking which is great. My throat and my breathing already feel better and i feel like i have the nose of a bloodhound!

I did lose a bit of weight last week but i went out on Saturday and had a drink and then have eaten ever since. I haven't gone crazy but it hasn't gone to plan. As i said in my very first post there is no harm in trying just one more time. I'm surprised i have the motivation to keep trying to be honest. :eek:

But i need to put my best foot forward now because otherwise i'm going to be missing out on xmas again! :(

I'm getting started again tomorrow so there will be a first day post again tomorrow. Wish me luck because i'm not at work tomorrow either...so i'm in the house...with a fridge...with food around :8855:

Day One

Well ladies...I've had a really good day today. I started with a shake today choc mint my favourite and i'm just about to chow down on a banana shake and i might have a soup later on and maybe a piece of chicken breast I'm thinking that if i can manage on SS+ for the next couple of weeks then i can get through it full stop:D Still no cigarettes and i feel good. I'm feeling really proud of myself. :)

I've been studying all day and have managed to get loads done but i've started to get a little niggly headache now, so i'm going to take an hour out and perhaps go back over the wedding stuff and keep drinking plenty of water as they say that headaches are mostly dehydration.

We are currently waiting for our contract from the wedding planner at Disneyworld so we need to start thinking about the colours we are going to choose and money money money. I might have a look through the bridal magazines and leaflets i've had over the past couple of weeks. I keep finding myself trying to figure out what the time is in Florida so i can figure out what the wedding planner is doing :8855:I'm turning into a bridezilla lol!!

Anyway update you all tomorrow and hope you guys are getting on really well! xx

"Rule your mind or it will rule you!!" :)
Hey all,

Had another really good day today...no ciggies or no food (well of course my SS+ meal which really doesn't count lol). Felt a bit dizzy this evening and i was just sat flicking through a xmas catalogue (yes it's here already!!! xmas lists, card lists and toys/food in every single advert) and had a 12 hour day in the office today which was a nightmare :sigh: Bit of a headache creeping in and feel generally a bit tired but it's all part of parcel of the changes i'm putting my body though i suppose :)

But hey ho...Spoke to a few family members today who are always really supportive :) Booked my appointment in with my cambridge counsellor for Monday so all being well should lose a few lbs this week!!!

Update tomorrow, wishing you all well for today, this evening and tomorrow

So end of day 3 and I'm feeling good :) I'm going in for an early night tonight in front of the tv :0)

It's been a particularly "hungry" day today with my tummy growling at what seems to be every 5 minutes and like a twit I forgot to put my patch on today so I've been nicotine free all day and didn't buckle under the pressure! So still no smokes or food for me woop! This weekend will be a good test as I'm never usually very good when I'm at home, I'll be glad to break the day 4 barrier though as I've cheated or had to stop at around day 3-4. Feeling quite proud at the mo 3 days Cambridge 5 days no smoking :0)

Hope you are all finishing off your week on a great high and enjoy the last summer weekend we are getting!


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