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Reading Labels

I tend to avoid low fat stuff, as I struggle to get enough calories that way.
Actually what's on the labels is wrong. You need to work out the actual percentages of calories from fat calories in what is being consumed rather than the fat grams/100g.

1g fat = 9 cals so taking this bag of mini ryitas I have at hand.
fat/100g = 2.8g so you would class that as a low fat food right?

9 x 2.8g = 25.2 cals total cals/100g = 312cals
25.2 divided by 312 = 8% of your calories are coming from fat not 2.8%

You will be surprised how many so called LF foods are actually 20-25% fat calories being consumed.


I can haz cake?
"low fat" products are actually not always that good. A lot of them are extremely high in carbs, and will send you on a sugar crash, making you even hungrier. Yeah you don't wanna just eat a big fat sausage roll every day or whatever, but you don't have to go to huge extremes to get the lowest fat stuff possible. A balance is good, and if you want to spend your calorie budget on a bit of full fat butter it won't really do you harm and you should lose weight (provided you aren't abusing it, and measuring the amount etc)

I'd be more likely to check whats actually in the product in terms of rubbish like additives, and i like to avoid "diet food" that has a very high proportion of carbs.
Hmm, I could be doing it all wrong then, I've never really counted calories, just gone for low fat. But then again I've never been a good dieter, either yo-yoing or surrendering to comfort eating.
Too much maths and complicated info for me.
I like a treat from time to time, and have found a few low cal, low fat treats that work really well for me. Thats all I know :)


Slimming down the aisle
The thing is, low fat foods don't mean low sugar. A lot of weight watchers cakes for example are low fat but higher sugar than their non low fat counter parts. Personally, I don't think you can just follow one in isolation. I think you need to look at all of it, it's no good having a low fat intake if your calories are 3000 a day. At the same time, having 1200 calories a day with a high fat intake or sugar isn't great either. Personally I count my calories and try and keep my fat and saturated fat below a certain amount, avoid anything that's high sugar (unless it's fruit but don't go too crazy with that) and try to hit at least a certain amount of protein each day. Each person is different and will have different views and approaches but I think that that's the best way for me at least.


Slimming down the aisle
Too much maths and complicated info for me.
I like a treat from time to time, and have found a few low cal, low fat treats that work really well for me. Thats all I know :)
I think you should share what some of these are :)
I think most people know my weakness. Cadburys Low fat chocolate mousse, 60 cals a pot. I rarely have only 1 ;)


Slimming down the aisle
Ooh I think I may have to keep an eye out for these!
:8855: Loving the suggestions. I could easily sink 20 of those babies. I'm in if there's a challenge to be had!!!!

OH walked in the other night laughing his head off at me, I hadn't noticed but I had some mousse all over my gob!!!! I love em :D

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