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Ready Steady Cook - Minimins Style

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Happy Holidays, 1 May 2013 Social URL.

  1. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    Well following on from an idea in a diary on here I thought it would be fun if we could have a little challenge based on Ready Steady Cook.

    The idea is me/anyone will post a few ingredients, then we'll all make something with said ingredients & post pics/recipes on here. Could be fun & we could all get ideas for new recipes. Obviously we add whatever seasonings we want.

    Righty oh, I'll make a start, I literally opened the cupboard & saw:-

    Blackeye Beans
    Tinned toms
    Baked beans

    I've no idea what I'm going to make, say lets give this recipe a whirl for 1 wk? Which will give people the opportunity to buy stuff if needed & come up with some interesting ideas.

    Happy Cooking:D
    PS I'm sure on Ready Steady Cook they must say something to get the game started but I don't watch it so no idea!
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  3. emma_partington27

    emma_partington27 Well-Known Member

  4. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Well-Known Member

    Do we need to use all the ingredients or just some or a set number?

    Hopefully this will be a good way to inspire us to try new recipes x
  5. ginlin

    ginlin Better to Drink your Syns

  6. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Well-Known Member

    Oooh am excited this list was put on just before I did my online shop and has inspired me to look at recipes so have a couple in mind from these ingredients.... ;)
  7. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!


    I've done my food shop but I pretty much have all this in anyway :D

    I'll get my thinking cap on and will probably knock something up on bank holiday Monday (keeps me off the alcohol ;)) xx
  8. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    Just some or all of the ingredients, hey if you can make something with all of them, I'm making a RSC Minimins badge:D for who that lucky person!
  9. anju100

    anju100 Well-Known Member

    Subbing. Got my thinking cap on.
  10. Kerry:)

    Kerry:) Well-Known Member

  11. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Well-Known Member

    My first recipe is cooking right now......when can I say what have done lol
  12. holiday-dieter

    holiday-dieter Well-Known Member

    Subscribing too looks like fun! :)
  13. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    How exciting, I know what I'm making & think I'll make it on Saturday, I don't see any reason why you can share it now!! I'm really looking forward to what you've made. x
  14. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Well-Known Member

    Ok....so my first recipe I found/made inspired by your list is Spicy sweet potato and black eyed bean soup, Using blacj eyed beans, sweet pot, onion, tinned toms and also garlic, celery and spices x
  15. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    Wow, that sounds delicious, much more exciting than what I've got planned, I may have to have another think!!
  16. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Well-Known Member

    Lol well I didnt make it up myself I did find it online but black eyed beans is something havent had for ages so wouldn't have done if not for your ingredients x
  17. MinkyDinky

    MinkyDinky Holiday Countdown!

    Sounds lovely, how does it taste / look? I'm so excited about making mine! Xx
  18. emma_partington27

    emma_partington27 Well-Known Member

    Ive neva had black eye beans lol think i need to start tryin new stuff
  19. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Well-Known Member

    Will post a pic tomos, have tasted it and seems nice, having it for lunch tomos ......and probably a week as theres loads!
    Am excited for recipe I plan to make Sat too and seeing what others make x
  20. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Well-Known Member

    Well you could be on the right thread if all goes ok:D
  21. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Well-Known Member

    my soup of the day......

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