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Ready to go again......


I did SW about 6 years ago and got down to 11st 12lbs. At the time I was really pleased with that weight and felt I'd had enough if thinking about food all the time.

My weight has gone up, and then back down in the last 6 years, and now I feel ready to give it another push to get down to 11 stone. My other half is following SW together, so hopefully no worries about him leading me astray!

Saturday 16/4/11 - green day

Crunchy bran (B) with grapes and fat free natural yogurt
Chicken and mushroom pasta and sauce with added veg and an Asda pitta bread (B)
Skinny cappuccino from Starbucks (A) and an apple

Not had tea yet but am planning Quorn and egg stir-fry followed by a Mullerlight yogurt and a dark chocolate kitkat (5.5).
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Had my first official weigh in this morning - 12 stone 2 lbs!
So that's 16 pounds that I want to wave goodbye to over the next few months ?
Thank-you Kaz79.

Right, a red day today so.....

Crunchy bran (B) with milk (A), grapes and raspberries

4 Ryvita (B) with marmite and cottage cheese, tuna and ff yogurt


Tray bake with chicken breast and numerous vegetables! And a kitkat for my evening treat (5.5), yum

Lots of sugar free squash and a glass of diet coke.

Plus a 3.5 mile walk in the sunshine :)

Back to work tomorrow so hopefully the routine will help xx
I'm sure that fat will melt away and congratulations on staying so close to your original target for 6 years. I'm sure you'll do great
Very proud of myself today as i did level 1, day 1 of the 30 day shred. Small steps :)

So, day 3 if writing everything down.......

Crunchy bran (B) with milk (A), grapes and raspberries. Plus a peppermint tea.

FF berry yogurt.

4 Ryvita (B) with ff cottage cheese.

Apple, 2 pickled onions.

Quorn chilli made with onions, peppers, mushrooms and kidney bean served with some rice and mixed veg.

Kitkat (5.5) as my evening treat with a brew!

Plus lots of water and NAS squash :)
Day 2 of the 30 day shred - much easier today, me and the OH couldn't believe we had finished it with so little whinging compared to yesterday!

So today's food.......

Crunchy bran (B) with milk (A), raspberries and grapes. And peppermint tea.

Ff yogurt.

4 Ryvita (B) with cottage cheese and sugar snap peas.

Apple and 2 mikado biscuits (1).

Sweet potato, mixed vegetables and Quorn sausages. Kit Kat (5.5).

Lots of squash and water ;)
Thank-you, I'm sure I'll soon get back into the swing of things!

Day 3 if the shred completed :) Can definitely feel it working as I'm walking around at work, old achy legs!

Day 3 - green day

Ff yogurt with crunchy bran (B), strawberries, raspberries and melon.

Pitta bread (B), 3 mini babybels (A), sugar snap peas and Ff yogurt.


Vegetable stir fry with egg and Quorn, yum!

Orange kitkat (5.5) and 4 flying saucers (1).

Lots of NAS squash :)

I'm a bit nervous about work tomorrow - I've brought my staff lots of Easter treats and I need to be strong and say no! Think I'll spend a lot of time in my office and away from the food, lol!

Am struggling today ?, I just feel so hungry and nothing seems to be stoping it! Probably as I took lots of food into work fir my dept today and didn't eat a bit of it ?. I really wanted a hot cross bun too!

So today's food......red day

Crunchy bran with milk and grapes, strawberries and melon.

Ff yogurt.

Ryvita, cottage cheese and sugar snap peas.

Tin of tuna with pickled onions and a mushroom.

Extra lean mince with lots of veg.

Ff yogurt and some a kitkat :)

Lots of squash - I can't stop peeing!!

4 day weekend, yea!
Bit of a naughty day today but should be within my syns!

Lots of fruit and Ff yogurt fir breakfast with 2 alpen bars (b).

Cheese and salad sandwich (2xHEA, 1HEB plus 6 syns - it wad quite a big roll in the shop!). Definitely no butter or mayo etc as it was made fresh infront of me.

Tea was vegetable chow mein from the Chinese but I didn't eat it all - picked out the veg and left 1/3 of the noodles. If I say 10 syns then I'm at 16 for the day, but fingers crossed I've overestimated!

Back to shredding and normal food tomorrow!

On the plus side, have been walking, cleaning and building furniture so hopefully that'll burn a few calories :)
Hey, I've just read your diary and must say that you've done so well to stick to your original target for 6 years. Your food sound lovely and I'm sure you'll be waving ta ta to those extra lbs and back at target in no time. It brill that your oh is doing sw too - it's good for motivation and support and someone is always there with a wagging finger when the other is reaching for the naughty nibbles. How are you finding getting back into it? You seem to have gotten back into it extremely well. Keep up the good work - your in inspiration to us ! x
Aww thanks Natalie, your kind words mean a lot. I haven't stayed at target all the while - I was over a stone and a half heavier at one point till I gave myself a harsh talking too!
I've found it really easy to get back into SW, I think I love the methodical nature of it - eat what you want and just stick within the limits. I dug out all my old cookbooks from last time round which I've found a massive help :)
How are you finding SW? Weekends are the most difficult for me as I loose My weekday routine.

Take care xx
So I've had to weigh in a day early as I won't be at home first thing tomorrow and I'm 2lbs down!! So pleased with myself :)

Day 4 of the shred completed today, definitely getting easier as the days go on!

Breakfast today was a veg omelette, made with lots of onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, and baked beans.
Frozen mullerlight yogurt.
Tomato pasta and sauce with added veg, a pitta bread (b) and 3 mini babybel (a).

I'm going to my boyfriends sister's house this evening so I'm going to have to alpen bars (b) in my bag to help me avoid all the nibbles and I'm taking vodka and flavoured NAS sparkling water to drink - will have to fill in the syns when I get back but am aiming to keep it to a max of 15.

It's gone all miserable and cloudy here now, fingers crossed the sun is back out tomorrow xx
Well done on the weight loss missy - you must be v v pleased! I'm 2st 1.5lbs in to my weight loss, still got 4st to go to take me to 9st 7lbs, which is the weight I've always wanted to be. I'm aiming for Christmas, but I'm doing mini targets to get me there as 4st seems mammoth!

What's the shred? So many people talk about this, but don't know what on earth they are talking about!!

Hope you have a fab evening this evening!! x
That's an amazing weight loss so far, well done! I agree with setting smaller targets as you go for your final goal - definitely makes the task seem less scary!

The shred is a workout video by Jillian Michaels from The Biggest Loser - it has 3 different levels that you do for 10 days each. She combined strength, cardio and abs all in one workout. Think I'll be giving it a miss today though!

Had a good evening, couldn't tell you about the total syns I had - not from food though which I pleased about as I normally end up eating pizza etc - but because other people were pouring my drinks :( Think I'll have a couple if syn free days to make up for it :)

A lazy Sunday is needed now.........staying in my PJs and watching rubbish TV! Fingers crossed I can avoid the Easter egg!
Having a red day today.....

Omlette made with turkey bacon, mushrooms, spring onions and tomato.

2 alpen light bars (b).

Asda pitta bread (b) with marmite and 3 light babybel (a), an apple and a Ff yogurt.

Chicken, roasted veg and broccoli.

Will have 4 mikado (2) with a yogurt this evening as a pudding - just trying to minmise the syns for the next couple of days.
Have had a really quiet day today - just watching TV and catching up on lesson planning for tomorrow.

Green day........

Omlette made with mushrooms, tomatoes and spring onions served with baked beans.

4 Ryvita (b) with laughing cow triangles (a), beetroot and pickled onions.

A massive fruit salad with Ff Greek yogurt and 2 x alpen bars (b) crumbled on top.

Tea is going to be the mushy beans curry (probably without baked beans as I had them for breakfast) with some rice and extra veg.

Going to crack open the Easter egg this evening - just need to weigh out a portion (10 syns).

Have been drinking lots of squash and peppermint tea recently and my troublesome skin seems to be clearing up a bit, fingers crossed it stays that way!

Day 5 of the shred completed too :)

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