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Real food vs ww


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I've discovered that quite a lot of 'real/normal' food is the same or a point difference from the diet stuff- for example I bought ww cones from Iceland at 4pp at £1.50 for four and my husband bought icelands cornettos at 5pp at £1 for six.

Anyone else find this?
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Yes, I'm on discover but a whole can of Heinz tomato soup is 3dp and tesco lighter choices is 3dp lol


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i've found that a lot aswell, only thing i really eat of ww is the orange choc bars.
i don't think it's worth the difference in points to substitute when you could be eating much tastier.

an example ww grated cheese is nasty and usually ends up green mouldy before the use by date but it's the same points as cathedral light, no contest.


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aye its all a scam really. A lotta ww stuff is filled with additives and sweetners, esp the meals. And gluten... they are laden with gluten, something that I'm pretty intolerant to!!

I suppose they see it as - pointing a recipe = hard work, so they see a market for people who want another level of convenience. And trying to "design" a recipe thats lowly pointed (without filling it full o garbage like sweetner) can be a lot of effort

I like the bars that are available in class. I get a box and have one with tea post WI as a treat while I wait for the class to start :) Yoghurts are good too, plenty of low pointed variety. The weightwatchers mayo is gooood...its the only mayo I eat but that's a taste thing rather than it having points :p

Other than that I tend to stay away from ww stuff...


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There's the bars from class, and the chocolate digestive bars (they're tasty for 2pp, if anyone knows of something similar, same points & cheaper lemme know!) and the yoghurts but they're really all I eat!

Agree with the ready meals thing, and have you noticed how tiny the portions are? Some of them are tasty... but so small! I had a chicken one a couple of months ago and it literally had 2 slices of chicken in it, no bigger than my thumb and a few grotty potaton wedges and the meal must've been 8-odd points? I could've made the same meal with more chicken and used pasatta and added a ton of veg for half that!

The WW bagels are good for points (compared to the NY ones), but always go mouldy well before the date, even though I keep them airtight and it WINDS ME UP! My best find is value pittas (Sains & morrisons) - same points as the WW one, but 1/5th of the price!


x It's my year to shine x
S: 15st7lb C: 12st9.6lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 2st11.4lb(18.16%)
ps I know the ready meal sizes are "normal" portions, but going on what I can make for the same points... is what I meant :p

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