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Really Bad Cravings


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Oh help. I'm on my second week of LT and I can't stop thinking about food. Seriously I'm craving all the time.

I'm not hungry at all and I'm drinking loads. I don't understand it cos week 1 was so easy:cry:. I thought I'd go into ketosis and avoid this. Strangley I'm craving salads. How odd. I never want to eat salads. (I'm not pregnant before anyone asks :p)

Maybe it's because I'm coming up to TOM? Any suggestions on how to get rid of them? Or even what's causing them? :confused: Feeling so low because of this constant battle


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Hi Lorraine, I know exactly how you feel, I was also close to tears, I wanted to eat SO BAD in my second week. BUT....Please don't crack, because suddenly, there will be no more hunger or cravings.....I persevered and came through it. Then doing Lipotrim was extremely easy, water,water,water, shake,water,water,shake.....you get the drift!!! I wish I could let you know how utterly brilliant it feels to now wear gorgeous clothes and know that you look great as well as brimming with happiness...if you stick with it, I promise you will get there. As for the period thing...after none for 23 months,(I'm 54), I had 2 periods in the first 3 weeks of L.T. plus a cold....and even that didn't make me want to give up. You can pull through this, even go to social events and feel HAPPY not to eat or drink....because you and everyone else can see your amazing transformation!!!


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I think now the ketosis has hit, then comes the mental hunger. You can get through this. I started cleaning, so not only I'm losing weight I now have a sparkly home too.
You can do it with water and distraction. Good luck.
It will be worth it.


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I know what you mean I still think about food all the time and now I've found myself watching more cooking programs but I keep on reminding myself it's still worth it. One thing I've done is to write a list of the reasons why I'm doing this and keep it on me at all times and I take it out and read it often and it helps a hell of a lot.

All the best you will get through it.

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I was the same on my second week, last week, I craved red wine and choccy (together) all week, this week has been better


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Thanks all. Awin I think I may do the same. I can even spend this lunchtime thinking about it rather than thinking about food.

:D L


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I'm on week 4 and craving tomatoes, my husband came home for the weekend (works away) and there were 5 packs in the fridge lol!


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Hi Lorraine,
I hope the cravings have passed. It's amazing the ammount of times people have said on here that they have craved a nice crisp salad, perhaps it has something to do with the fact you don't actually bite into anything on this diet, even flapjacks have no bite, they are softer to eat. Or maybe it's because we believe salad is a health option and while we are getting healthy it would have been a first choice on most diets. Either way once it stays in our head and doesn't work itself into our mouth we will be fine. Wishing you all the best with the rest of the week.

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