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Really Battling this Week!! food mentioned.....


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Hi there,

I just need to offload a bit.... I have now been on CD for 4 months and still have just under 2 stone to lose but the last couple of weeks I have really battled to stick to SS 100% I had a week of eating food for one meal a day the week before last and although I stayed away from the carbs most of the week I had a chinese take away on Saturday night and pigged out on prawn crackers :sigh:

I was really lucky as I managed to STS for that week and from the Monday I was back on SS 100% which I managed to do for most of last week with the odd slice of cheese to help me along :eek: and lost 6lbs in the process so it should have spurred me on but it's my TOTM in a day or so along with it being the tax year end and month end so extra pressure at work and last night I had quite a few bits of cheese when I got home and I really had a craving for mince beef and onion pie and chips but decided to have smoked haddock with garlic as a replacement..... Well I got up this morning and have put on 1lb, I know that it's probably water retention at this time of the month and the eating I did last night :(

Anyway I am still craving the pie, chips and peas!!!!! it seems to be harder now than at the beginning of the diet, did anyone else find that? or is it just with everything going on in my life??
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Hey Bev,
Just saw your post and thought I recognise her.... from fb cambridge diet .. its Marissa here..

You have done so well hon..... dont give up.. I have only done 7 weeks so cant imagine what its like as far as you have got but you have had a blip so forget about it and just move on... as long as you enjoyed it you can forget it and move forward!!

Keep your chin up and it seems like you really want to do it .. so just start afresh.. forget about all the pies and chips etc... they only go on to our hips!!!

Chip up xxx


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Firstly you have done so well with your loss of 5 stone im in week 9 i would still love to eat all the wrong foods but i think to myself do i ever want to like i was before and the answer is no, if we go back to those old ways it will happen for sure you dont want to undo what youve done so far, stress does make me want to eat im sure once the pressure from work decreases you will feel strong again, you can do it you know you can 5 stone already, chin up, good luck,


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S: 15st13lb C: 14st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st1lb(6.73%)
Hiya Marissa, at least I know who you are on here now :D

Thanks to both of you, I know I just need to get on with it, just having a difficult day, flaming hormones!!!! I mean I don't have too far to go now so I just need to get a grip!!
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Just remember - eating wont make your problems and stress go away, and will still be there after you eat. And when you do eat you will feel even worse because of all the guilt!


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just tell yourself its all in the mind , keep occupied ,ive just bought a new book to read so wen im craving i go have a read in the bath thats wen the kids have gne bed ha ,good luck

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