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Really disappointed :((

Morning everyone x

I hopped on the scales this am (yeah, I know I shouldn`t :p) and am very disappointed to see that I have only lost 1lb :cry:

I started taking the Xenical Sunday night, So I am on the 4th day :(

Feeling really low about it all today, What is the point of it all if I am not really losing any weight? :cry:

LiSe x
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Awww keep smiling sweetie, im sure it takes just a lil time for the body to adjust to this, im also worried tht this isnt working even on day 2. Stick with us and we will all get thru this together.

I always try to avoid the temptation and weight myself just once a week. Looking at other comments and posts on here I think you need to give it at least a few weeks to get into the system and do it's thing.

Keep positive, I know it can be demorolising when your not seeing the weight come off but stick with it.

Oh I'm going to kick your butt :D lol Stay away from the bluddy scales lol
Yes you are on day 4, but Xenical doesn't speed up your weight loss at all hun, and don't forget our bodies weight fluctuates daily ( tis a bugger I know, but true).
So weigh yourself ONCE a week, same time of the day ( I usually go Friday morning, just after I've gotten up and I've had a pee ;):rolleyes:). Now of course I'm on RC my weigh in is on a Monday night, fully clothed:rolleyes: :D
Hang in there Lise, slow and steady will win the race for you


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Yep as others have said hang in there, with all diets i have been on i haven't lost till the last minute, i was doing sw and i was jumpin on scales everyday and thought i hadnt lost anything then on my weigh in day i had!!
Try drinking plenty of water too xx
Hi LiSe, if you are sticking to the diet why are you dissapointed?? surely you should only be dissapointed if you cheat??

3 days is not long enough to see a dramatic change and I am sure the huge first week losses are from people who have not been dieting before starting Xenical therefore they have probably dropped 1,000 calories or more so that is bound to make a huge difference!

I am on day 3 and yes, i weigh myself everyday (know i shouldnt :p) BUT i'm not cheating and i know it will come off. I dont believe its a miracle cure and if you are in it for the long term 3 days is nothing is it!!

Be positive, its a journey and i am enjoying mine...

I dunno about you guys and i know this sounds crazy BUT after 20 years of being bubbly and fat I am ready to be thin!

And i can wait.... because it will happen!

Hi Lise dont worry, just give your eating plan a full week to see a real result. You have been so positive in your other posts...keep it up it will be worth it in the end Hugs Sharon x:rolleyes:
Thankyou for such lovely replies when really I should get a good kick up the arse!! :ashamed0005:

I have been sticking to a decent diet I *think* - I am keeping record of it in my blog...I am wondering if I am having enough fat?

I do also think that maybe as I have already been dieting I may not see such a dramatic loss as someone who hasn`t.

I know 1lb is better than a kick in the teeth and I guess it isn`t soooo bad for only being on the 4th day considering I didn`t have all the pills on the first day and hadn`t taken any today so really it`s only 2 days?

I was losing 1-2lbs before so I was hoping I would lose a bit more with the Xenical. I`m also worrying it isn`t working as I haven`t had any side effects at all (apart from headaches =/ ) nothing in the loo or anything?? :confused:

I know I shouldn`t weigh every day but I can`t help it! I have always done it, Diet or not so I can`t break the habit. I will make my weekly weigh in the official one tho.

Thanks again for the support, You`re all stars

The other thing to be prepared for is you may not see any effect from Xenical. I didnt. I had no extra weight loss, no side effects or anything.

I sincerely hope that isn`t the case for me :(

Otherwise I don`t know what else I can do? I don`t eat enough junk to cut it out to lose weight and I already exercise. I just cannot shift the weight any way :cry:

I lost the 21lbs on WW but then it stopped :( Nothing else has ever worked for me :(

I`m glad you`re doing so well with the WW considering the Xenical didn`t work for you.. Well done Xxx
keep with it takes bout week or so for ur body get used to it,ur weight will fluctuate for first week,try not weigh urself!! i lost 1 stone in 4 weeks
Morning everyone x

At the risk of getting a :copon: from Ali & Starlight, I popped on the scales again this morning and I have lost another 1lb :D

So that is 2lb since I started them Sunday night :D:D:D

Feeling more positive now!! Xxxxxxxxxx
ROFL what you like :p
ps. stay aff the bluddy scales lol ( did my really hard Glaswegian accent come over there?? ;);))
ROFL what you like :p
ps. stay aff the bluddy scales lol ( did my really hard Glaswegian accent come over there?? ;);))
Haha my nephew is Scottish, So the accent doesn`t bother me :p


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