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Hi hon,

You drinking enough water? This can aid your process, also is it your TOTM? This can make you retain water etc.

Please don't worry, I'm sure we all have those weeks where we have a few days of gain / no loss and then 1lb gain out of nowhere :)

You'll be fine! Be strong and it will pay off I promise :)


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You'll be fine! Be strong and it will pay off I promise :)


I agree you can do this Kate! was it your normal weigh in or were you having a sneaky peak.....because our weight fluctuates on a daily and sometimes hourly if you are weighing yourself more often and it depresses you...I suggest you give your scales away!


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ok Kate, now you listen to me lol,
i had the exact same thoughts as you a few days ago, where i posted that i hadnt lost any weight, well that was on my scales, the day later id lost 7lb the day later is was back on,
i got weighed today at my CDC house and guess what id lost in 7 days......... 11lb!!! now you tell me what other diet you could lose this much on in 7 days!!
c,mon stick to it girl, you can do this, throw your scales away, they do you no good! keep up with CD and you WILL lose weight!


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Hmmm, good idea. I never thought of throwing my scales out but I'm going to. Usually I can't help hopping on and off every couple of days and when the needle doesn't move I get really cheesed off - part of me even wants to doubt the diet. If I only allow myself to be weighed by my cdc then it'll be an incentive to be good throughout the week, then hopefully each week I'll get a surprise I wasn't necessarily expecting. Don't get fed up, just take each day as it comes, psyche yourself up for each day knowing you'll be good and planning ahead what soups, shakes, bar you're going to have.
Best of luck :)


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I believe that if you're going to weigh yourself daily or between weigh ins then you have to accept that your weight is sometimes going to go up ---- naturally womens weight does do this, I know that mine goes up depending on time of month, what amount of liquid I've drunk and whether or not I've been able to go to the loo --- but on the whole it is going down all the time, it's just natural body changes that fluctuate the figures. If you're sticking to the diet then your body cannot gain weight, it's not possible so please if you are going to weigh yourself then don't be adversely affected by the number the scales show.


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hold in there. I gained 2lb this week - I had been very naughty but i also drank alot of water that day and had totm.

Im hoping for amazing loss next week.