Really feeling the cold.. does it get better?

Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by Snorks, 20 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. Snorks

    Snorks Full Member

    Is anyone else finding this? I've just been into town to look for a coat and am freezing. I'm wearing:
    a pair of knee high socks
    a pair of normal socks
    a pair of leggings
    a pair of trousers
    underwear lol
    a tight vest
    a long sleeved tshirt
    a short sleeved tshirt
    a thick cardi
    AND a pair of gloves

    ...and I'm still freezing!

    I'm wearing so many clothes at once at the moment it's ridiculous. I'm going to have to strip off at WI tomorrow or I'll have appeared to have put on several pounds I reckon. I'm seriously tempted to put another pair of socks on...

    Does your body get used to being less well insulated? Or am I doomed to be cold forever?
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  3. Minerva

    Minerva ...passing through.

    I still wear about the same, plus another jumper! I don't think it will get better - with ketosis in full swing, your body is fuelling all it's resources on keeping going, so keeping itself warm along with growing new hair (hence why people experience thinning hair during LL) is on hold. #

    I think get a nice wooly hat as well. We lose most of our heat through our heads, today I bought a nice fuzzy thing, and it helped! Was a bit more toasty than usual! :D Oh and don't forget to invest in a nice micro-waveable bag of rice "water-bottle". They're looooooooooovely.

  4. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I feel the cold incredibly! Last week I got a minature hot water bottle which I take all over the place with me!

    Hands and feet are often like blocks of ice!

    It is new to me as I rarely used to feel the cold. I find that once Iget cold I find it hard to get warm again. I do love central heating! lol

    Kat xx
  5. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    i must say i feel so cold
    even while im doing RTM im so cold especially at night woah
    *group hug* get everyone warm lol
  6. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    lol I used to always get annoyed at people moaning it was cold.

    Now I am one of them. :D

    Unless i am indoors, then I am usually hot.
  7. LL Gal

    LL Gal Beautiful day

    I am cold, cold, cold ... I now use several thin layers so I can strip and re-layer as necessary. When I'm at home, I always have hot water bottle on the go and I am definitely going to get an electric blanket as winter progresses - saw a lovely one in 'Boots' yesterday.
  8. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I love my hot water bottle. MY LLC wrapped me in a blanket and I topped up my hot water bottle whilst there!

    BL I am the same, always moaned about people whinging about the cold and I am one of them now! lol

    Mmmmm I am thinking eleccy blankie too! <goes off to look for one>

    Kat xx
  9. daisydoll

    daisydoll Gold Member

    my nose, hands and feet are usually icy cold - i thought it would pass now i'm eating normally - but i guess the blubber really did keep me warm, lol!
    daisy x
  10. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    lol Daisy, my nose tip is always cold too!

    Kat xx
  11. peony

    peony Silver Member

    I'm blummin freezing too - doesn't help that I work from home and my house was built in the 30's with no cavity walls to insulate and we still have the same window frames which let in a the cold despite being double glazed! All the heat I put in just puthers straight out the walls & windows - this thread has made me decide to buy a water bottle for my lap while I am working.

    Just put on the winter duvet so bed is warm enough for now but have already picked out a fab fitted dual control lekkie blanket to buy when it gets colder.

  12. randomgurl

    randomgurl Full Member

    Hmmm... I've just noticed its been a few days since I felt cold... even walking around in a tee and short sleeved cardi when non-VLCD people feel it...

    Is that a bad sign?
  13. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    I wouldn't worry randomgurl, I don't really get cold at all, sat here tonight in only jeans and tshirt about 5 feet away from an open window! :)
  14. Snorks

    Snorks Full Member

    ooh not just me then! I've had my winter duvet on for a couple of months now, and I invested in an electric blanket 3 weeks ago along with some of those microwave heat pad things. The tip of my nose is frozen right now so I'm going to go and snuggle down under my duvet shortly. I've never worn slippers but was eyeing some thick sheepskin granny ones in primark today and I saw some fleece PJs which were also calling to me! I bought some thermals the other day so will put those on and hopefully fall asleep toasty and warm!

    night night all
  15. LaydeeBug

    LaydeeBug Full Member

    I had a fan constantly on the go before LL ~ I was always hot. And I knew it was down to being overweight as OH kept telling me it wasn't hot in the house.

    So, now I am cold a lot, I am glad of it as I know my extra layers of blubber are slowly getting thinner. :p

    I have always had loads of PJ's ~ fleecy, tartan, jersey ones, big slipper socks etc. I love getting snug and always have big, thick Cypriot blankets on my sofas.

    But nothing beats a lovely hot bath when I'm shivering...I could happily have 3 a day! :)
  16. Snorks

    Snorks Full Member

    Ah you see I'm not really a bath person. I don't think I've had a bath since moving into this house 6.5 years ago! And in our previous home the only bath I remember having was when I had chicken pox and was itchy. I get in and then i don't know what to do, so I get out again!
  17. Foxtrot

    Foxtrot Is back in the saddle!

    I'm the same Snorks! I do have them but don't like them much. It's more a case that if OH and I have a meeting or are doing something that day I join him so we can talk about it but I quite often then go and have a nice hot shower!! I honestly can't remember the last time I went and had a bath per se!

    I swear I have grafted my hot water bottle to my person over the past months.
  18. peony

    peony Silver Member

    Ha ha I'm with you ladeebug - baths all the way - no better way to warm up (and relax) for me.

  19. katalena

    katalena Enjoying life!

    I adore lovely hot baths but have had a couple of err, lets call them "mishaps" having them too hot on LL so just be aware of that ladies & gents!

    Kat xx ;)
  20. LaydeeBug

    LaydeeBug Full Member

    Snorks you made me laugh! Get in and then don't know what to do!! :p

    I get in and do exactly what Peony says, relax! I have candles around my bath and put some nice Lavender radox in when I need to get hot ~ and it's especially great for making you sleepy...bath, PJ's, bed as my mum used to say! :D

    Showers are my morning wake up ~ baths are for looking at my bits n bobs :)p)and making sure my skin is all exfoliated and smooth. And for softening my feet and rubbing bath caviar into my back. Aaah...le bath is pulling me.........:)

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