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Really need some help - i need to eat

I am in my 4th week of LL and i'm slowly getting there.

My problem is a have a huge Exhibition over 400,000 retailers will be there this weekend it is the make or break of my business and to be really truthful i'm not 100% whilst having the packs, taking toilet visits every 10 mins, and not having the freshest breath.

It is my sole responsibly to sell and sell hard at this show, It has cost me thousands and i truely believe that i will never get another chance to make THIS first impression. I have decided that i will eat over the weekend so that i can feel good enough and be at my best.

Can anyone please please advise what types of food will limit the damage i am about to do.

Please understand that it is not a choice i would make unless i felt that my reason was extremely worthy.

L x
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All I can advise, is stick to protein! No carbs whatsoever. Chicken, fish, salad etc. Avoid bread, pasta, fruit and still drink loads of water! Loo breaks aside, its good for you, will help you feel full and flush out any bad toxins. Good luck for the weekend hun x x x
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I echo cheryl's excellent advice!

What point would it be having a great figure and wonderfully slim if i was bankrupt theres that much pressure that a messed up weekend could cause a huge loss to my business.

I shall stick to protein and salad then i can cope with that.

THANKS AGAIN - much appreciate



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I'm going to be hardline with this - on LL you have committed to not eat for 14 weeks. That's the deal, there is no food that will give you anything etxra that you are not already getting from the packs. If you want to stop abstainng, that's your choice, but once you have, you will spend the rest of the course pushing the boundaries and looking for ways to eat. (A lucky few can get right back on with it as if nothing happened)

I did a 20 mile walk, got through weeks of 16 hour days doing my work's year end and I did not need to eat once. You don't need to wee every 10 minutes - and you can spread your water drinking out more. If you plan, and plan well you will get through it and will not need to eat.

I am absolutely adamant about this and refuse to give advice on what you can and can't get away with - this is LL - 100 days of not eating. I'm going to sound harsh, but if you don't stick to it rigidly in the first 3 months you really aren't doing LL any justice.

The advice I give in these situations (and the question I always ask) is why are you asking the question on Minimins, why aren't you asking your LL counsellor? Are you looking for the 'nice' answer. Your LLC will have a very different take on your 'worthy' reasons for eating.

People in my group saved people's lives, abseiled off buildings, acted in plays, were barristers in high profile court cases and cycled almost 100 miles in a day on foodpacks alone.
I agree with cerulean. You can do this and stick to the packs, you dont have to drink all of the 4 litres while you are at work. You can also use breath freshner if you are worried about it.
breaking the diet this early in is definitely not advisable.

If you do eat (and i hope you dont) then proteins are the best thing, however you will still have ketosis breath. The psychological aspects of breaking this diet and then getting back on track are enormous. i urge you to think again.



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I have to agree with sarah and sil, you made a commitment with yourself and LL.

You ARE strong enough to get through this and if you do, you will feel guilt free, proud and should be able to conquer any other hurdles on your journey.

All the best and hope you stay on track.

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It sounds harsh , but its good advice, planning is the key and to be honest the packs are quick and easy to do whilst you are in the busy environ of the show so you wont be missing valubale selling time standing in queues trying to find low carb options which weill be hard to find i am sure.
Sip your water throughout the day and have the bulk of it before and after your busy day, it still counts and the toilet shoudnt be an issue.
Its hard when you are under any outside additional stress when you are in abstinance becuase lets face it living on packs is hard enough on its own, but I think you will cope just as well and may be confusing your understandable anxiety about succceeding at your business with the need to eat, which is what a lot of us do to help calm down our emotional stress.
You must remember though that if you were doing Cambridge you could make this your Add a meal week which gives you the option of a little bit of white protien fish chicken and green leaves and is supposed to be compulsory after 4 weeks on just packs so if you do decide to do this just dont beat yourself up about it, dont feel like a failure either , just get straight back in at the end of the week and it wont do any harm at all.
At the end of the day its your choice, good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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