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Really REALLY fed up now!


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Ok I'm so fed up now last week I put on 1lb that I thought was due to my * being due the day I weigh in!
So this week I've been so good only having 5 syns a day and 110% no cheating at all mostly red days alot more fish so was confident I would have lost that 1lb I'd put on at least!!!!!!
Nope this week I STS!
I feel like giving up now!
I wanna go sit and cry into a bucket of kfc!!! 
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I will do this!!!
I know how your feeling but sts is better than putting on!! just be greatful for that.
This happened to me the other week but I actually gained 0.5lb, I was mortified as I knew I had been toatlly 100% :cry:

The only thing my consultant could see where I had "gone wrong" was that I hadn't had enough Syns. I was only using 5.5 Syns on a KitKat each night and she suggested that I increased them to 10. I wasn't convinced but as I knew I had been good I did as she suggested and the following week lost 2lbs :D

Admittedly I didn't always have 10 Syns each day but I did have more than 5.5, I used them on Mayo, salad dressing etc

Good luck :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I was going to suggest upping your syns too.
Dont deprive yourself Hun.
You should be congratulated on your sts and if you stick on plan 100% again this week, you will see a loss.



Will be thin god dammit!!
Ive sts too this week - chin up chuck, i know the temptation is to jack it all in but our bodies work in funny ways - stick with it and you may be suprised at a decent loss next week x x x


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Yeah I just feel I've worked so hard this week for literally nothing!
I knew people would say I should eat more syns but I don't like sauces or any thing like that no Mayo or any dressings so having more syns would mean eating more "treats" which is just eating for the sake of it and I hate to say it but I'm not good at moderation so if I have a packet of crisps I'll just want another which is why I try to avoid them! Have you guys got any other suggestions on what I can use my syns on, I've not been having my HEXS some days my b's but not had hardly any a's all week-could that be it?
Also I usually weigh in the morning on my day off but had to go to work this morning so got up at 4 and weighed (I'm clutching at straws arn't I) could that be anything?
Don't give up Ally, at my first weigh in I'd put on 2.5lb after being really good. I was mortified and sickened and so close to giving up but Im so glad I did. Drink lots of water this week (but not on weigh in day) and try and have all your HEXs. I am the same with using syns on treats as I'm not a fan of sauces, and I often wonder how having 2curly wurlys or kitkats a day is right when I'm supposed to be eating well!
Easy ways to increase syns without grabbing for the bad food that makes you want more is things like a hot chocolate with breakfast or before bed. Options are a couple of syns. Or try buying only low fat yogurts which are more like 2 syns than free. This way you aren't eating more but still getting some syns in. I had a few weeks with very few syns and not many HE's and my weight loss wasn't great. The weeks I have them all I tend to do better, not much sense in it when we think about what a 'diet' is but from my experience it works.

Stick with it, it'll happen.:)


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thank you everybody its so good to hear all your encouragement i didnt give up and was good yesterday and when i got on the scales this morning i had lost 3lb so im over the moon i guess weighing at 4 am does not suit me!!!!!
but ive taken everything you all said about syns and HEX on board to i may even try an EE day here or there!
thanks guys! xx

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