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Really, really need some advice before I snap!

I could really use some advice and support from you lovely people. I just feel so, so sad and down. I'm in my 7th week of CD ss and, for the last 3 weekends, I've had social occasions where I've had no choice but to eat food and go off plan - sometimes for an evening, other times for a weekend. Its mean't that I've been constantly in and out of ketosis, starving hungry and with lower weight losses than I would have liked. I've been constantly chasing my tail and playing catch up for the last month and have had to re-lose 8lbs in total from where I've gone off plan. I've tried to be sensible but its just disrupted my progress anyway. Now I have another meal this weekend and I feel like I'm at the end of my tether with it all. This is the last 'eating' occasion I've got arranged and, after that, its a pretty clear run but I was just wondering whether to just give it up as a bad job and go back to SW or to persevere and give CD a fair, uninterrupted go. I just feel really demoralised, famished and worn out by it. I'm really worried about the weight gain if I DO change over as well - what happens if I gain loads of lbs just by eating food again? I don't think I could bear it right now. I feel really torn and trapped. This diet is such an emotional rollercoaster and so hard to live with that I'm just hanging on by the thinnest of threads. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out cos losing this weight means so much and I just feel confused and indecisive. Please help! :cry:
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Hi hun, you've still lost loads and loads of weight. If it was me i'd go up to a higher plan 810 and up...this way you can still eat out as often as you like and have a social life. Sorry you've been going through a rough time with cd.... but you have done so well. Shame to throw it away...move up, move up xxx hugs


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Only you can decide whats best for you.

Apparently if you follow the CD book and go up correctly you won't gain weight eating again.


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You know what? I think you've done amazingly well. Yes, I know it feels like you had to relose those 8 pounds, but those 8 pounds were nearly all glycogen and water - they weren't fat. And I see that you've still managed to have pretty good losses every week. All right, so 2lbs might not seem fantastic but given you've had to go off plan a few times, that's brilliant. Honest! :D

You probably wouldn't have lost more than another 3 or 4 pounds total even if you'd stuck to CD rigidly. 3 to 4 pounds a week is average for CD - you only get the big losses in the first couple of weeks (and occasionally it'll happen if you have a week where you've only lost a pound - you'll lose 5 the next. It's happened to me... :rolleyes:)

So I'd say, stick with it! You say you've got a clear run after this next eating event - why not go for it?

I'll be the first to admit, it's hard when you're committed to events where there's gonna be a lot of food. I've just spent the last 3 days on a residential course where they feed you until you're fit to burst! But you know what? I didn't eat any of it. I just didn't go to the dining room at mealtimes. I'm not saying it wasn't tough - it was, though not as bad as I feared. And yes, people noticed I wasn't there - but I told them the truth - that I'm fed up with sacrificing what I want (to lose weight, once and for all) for the sake of feeling like I have to eat the meals provided.

I'm polishing my halo as we speak, LOL... :D I've got to do it again next week - yep, another 3 day residential in the same place. But having done it once, I know I can do it again.

Do you have to eat this weekend? Is there any way you can get out of it? I know it's not always so easy sometimes.

Feeling for you hun - but also giving you a very very big pat on the back for what you've managed to achieve so far!


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well done for you loss great great great look at yourself and smile, not every1 can have weight loss like that and eat...............sw only aim to achive 1-2lb loss per week you have by far achived that and much more even with the last few wks. carry on see how things go for the next few wks with no social events! either way you have lost and thats wot counts. x

Lisa Claire

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You've lost just short of two stone, you've done fantastic (even though you gone off plan), don't jack it all in yet, give it one last chance, do a ss+ this weekend, just have a small meal, then get on it 100% after, your losses are still coming, it would be a shame to stop after all you hard work!


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You have lost 5lbs in the past 2 weeks whilst being off plan at the weekends - That's really good!! I am in a similar position to you and have had 2 weekends now where I've eaten a meal every day (birthday, wedding, christening etc).

Remind yourself that you chose to eat at those occasions and so therefore you chose lower losses, hunger, coming out of ketosis etc. It IS hard to get back on track again after eating - I didn't quite realise how hard it would be. I could have cried on Tuesday as I was feeling so rough, but I willed myself through it and now feel good again.

It's completely up to you what you do, but if I were you I'd enjoy the meal this weekend and work through the hard days and then stay 100% for as long as you can.

Sounds to me like it's your gremlin talking, really :angeldevil:. Would you really be able to stick at SW or similar? Could you cope with the 0.5 - 1lb losses and plateaus for weeks on end (not saying this will happen to you, but that's my experience of SW)? I suspect it will be harder to stick to SW after CD than it will to just grin and bear the tough days after going off plan and stick with CD.

Good Luck with whatever you choose to do!


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I think you have done really well. Try to stick with it. Even if you do have to have a few occaisions when you go off plan - you are still losing weight. Well done!


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Stick with things, look how well you have already done! My advice as has already been mentioned, would be to perhaps move up a plan, say to the 810, that would allow you your normal shakes and also a small protein based meal, say chicken and green veg or with salad.
The losses on 810 are not much different to the ss, maybe a lb less a week, and if you are enjoying the meal option then a lb less won't really seem too bad!
The other thing you could do, is to avoid all meals out/socialising and just throw yourself back in to ss. Of course this is not always an option, if you really can't break arrangements. I suppose it all depends on how determined to lose weight you are.
Whatever you choose to do, we are all right behind you for support,
you have already done so well, don't ruin all your hard work!
Good luck


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right, first of all you have had great losses, almost the same as me, im on week 7 and upto wk 6 weigh lost 26lb, nearly end of wk 7 and lost 29lb, so you are doing fab, with having to eat, can you stick to chicken and green salad, i have the odd meal on hol, bbq parties ect, i do it instead of 3rd shake but if its with 3rd its ss+, this wont affect your ketosis, talk to us tell us where your going and maybe we can advise on the meal or how to play it, you are doing so well stick at it if you can, your losses will not be as good on sw and you will have to think about all your meals, good luck and hope you feel better soon xxx


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Firstly, you are doing super with the weight loss so dont be dishearted!

Socondly and more importantly, you need to work out what you want more out of life? A social event....or weight loss?
I know its a hard way to look at it, but not once have i let a social event effect my CD SS journey and the scales never let me down!
I had my own leaving do for my previous job, and not only did i not eat anything, i drank water all night and watched everyone else get drunk....i still had a super night and ont regret my decision for the world!
IF....these social occassions are so important, let them work round you....chicken and salad all the way...you can make healthy choices hun!
Personally, i would start today....back on the wagon, no time like the present, and then take my shakes to the do on sat.....you can have the strength and will power to do this hun!

Hope all goes well hun!



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Hi BeLovely - I have written to you in our group, but wanted to let you know that I have read this too.

You have done so well - and are much slimmer that you were a few months ago!!!

I know you can continue to do this, and be slim!!!

Let me know how you are getting on when you read this. I am thinking of you!

Sending you some more love and hugs - Bxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi everyone - just want to say thank you all very very much for the words of encouragement and advice! I was on a real downer and feeling pretty crumby (as you may have noticed!) and reading your responses has really helped me pick myself up. I went for my weigh in this am and have gained 1lb but thats not too bad considering what I've been doing. I've got my meal out this evening and, cos I really can't get out of it, I'm going to enjoy it and then start again on 100% ss tomorrow. I'm going to give it a good uninterruped go and hopefully get some of more of this pesky weight off! I just don't want to give up on myself and your lovely support has helped me to stay strong so thanks again - you're all fab!!!! xxxx

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