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Really, really ould do with some help to get back on track...

Ive been dieting for about 20 years now
And it all seems a blur, its all muddled up, ive done SW, WW Slimming tabs, low fat, calorie counting and its all jumbled up!!
I keep looking at this forum, WW, Cals one, ect ect just dont knw where to start.
But I think SW is the way to go.

BUT I just cant get my head round it, its like slimming version of writers block.

I need to lose about 3 stone, ive done it sooooo many times before, why this black now.

Any advice girls, cus its getting me down :cry: xx
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One last chance
I can't say I'm very experienced with SW, I just started but I have done it years before. But what I do know is that SW seems to be more like a lifestyle change rather than a diet. I didn't understand it much either, but reading 'Free food' LOL I wanted to tuck right in.

I've been dieting for years myself, I was on a total food replacement diet for months, lost all my weight, gained a quarter of it back and I feel really lousy. But I feel much better returning to SW and I think you will too.

I think because of losing the weight and than gaining it, we start to think negatively and think it can't be achieved, but it can and hopefully this time, for good.



rainbows holiday buddy :)
if you do choose to join SW try and forget everything you've ever heard, learnt or been told about diets and good/bad foods. then do exactly what the book tells you and you WILL lose weight.

remember carbs are not evil :) lol ...they're GORGEOUS and fill you up, which prevents sugar cravings.

good luck with whatever plan you choose.
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And everyone different eh? Its not easy when you have been there done it and got the t shirt too, all that information going round and round. I would suggest you make a definite decision as to what you are following ie SW. That's the first bit done. Secondly, you now need to totally ignore everything else you have learned and been told about every other plan and focus on SW only. Its soooo different from other diets and doing it can worry the hell out of people with the amount of food they can eat, but that comes from the other diets method of small portions, calories control etc. and that's what you have planted in you mind.
Give yourself a day to start SW, buy the latest magazine, do a meal planner, go shopping and off you go, easy. In the meantime, nice hot bubble bath to relax you and clear the mind of diet clutter. good luck.
I'm with mod-Karen on this - you need to forget everything you've ever known or thought you knew about losing weight, I'm loathed to use the word 'diet' for SW as I, and I'm sure nearly everyone following it, views it as a lifestyle choice! I've done all the others and can only say that, for me, SW really does work. Take a look at the sticky threads about the plan, Squiddie, has written a great one, and read, read and read again all your books! If you haven't been to a class yet, and even if you go it alone, I would recommend going to at least one class to get all the books and hear about the plans, should cost you approx. £10 at the moment! Good luck xxx
I'm also with Charlotte - she beat me to the post!! xxx
Thanks for your replies, very helpfull.
Well ive got my SW book out from last year, and gonna go for it again.
Ive even written down my HE for tomorrow.
Just have to get something for tea tomorrow, might go easy option and have mushrooms, eggs and Morrisons syn free sausages until
I can go shopping.
Thanks all, very good advice there xx


I want to be fitter again
Thanks for your replies, very helpfull.
Well ive got my SW book out from last year, and gonna go for it again.
Ive even written down my HE for tomorrow.
Just have to get something for tea tomorrow, might go easy option and have mushrooms, eggs and Morrisons syn free sausages until
I can go shopping.
Thanks all, very good advice there xx
The one bit of advice which really helps withextra easy is to make sure that a thrid of your plate is filled with superfree foods. these will help fill you up and ensure you wont be hungry an hour later. Superfree are nearly all vegetables and most fresh fruits. plan plan plan is also really important. No last minute supermarket dashes when you are hungry. When i started I always had 1/2 a hex B in my bag like an Alpen light. Even if you have eaten your healthy extra it is minimal syns at 3 but satisfying Best of luck and let us know how you are getting on xx
Yeah will do, ive been going to Curves Gym for a couple of months now, which is helping, but no good unless you diet as well, and its weigh in day tomorrow, so least I will have a start weight to use xx
hope you get back into the swing of things quickly. SW has saved the lives of me and my housemate this year. We started on NY day having both done the plan separately before and now we have 24/7 moral support it's so much easier and even after just 10 days we're feeling 100% more positive about our health and lifestyle and are just excited at what we're hoping to achieve :) if you can't find a friend lying around the house to do the plan with, head down to a class to get some moral support when you can. It's a crucial part of SW to know others in the same situation as yourself. Good luck!


Never gets tired of SW!
Go Gabby!! I'm finding it so easy! It may not be the quickest way to lose weight (well it seems to be quick for lots of people here but for me it's slowish!) but I really don't mind because even if I lose a pound a week I'll basically get to goal before 2011 and that's fine by me because I can enjoy my food, feel full all the time and never get bored or resentful!! I think SW rocks!! And what's more, we now have the luxury of this wonderful forum where people are so supportive and resourceful! There's now no excuse not to get to goal (eventually!!) XXX
Thanks girls, I really appriciate it.
Well Ive put on half a stone over Xmas, but the girls were brill at the gym, said that was about average for everyone, and now we all got a starting point again, new year and new beginnings lol
hi, gabby...im not on SW, but Im sure, if you just start NOW, and dont worry too much-just take one day at a time, you WILL get to your goal faster than you can think :) good luck, hun xx
Thanks Gold and WOW thats some weight lose you got going there,
Yeah all im thinking is 1lb a week is 52 pounds for the year
Thats nearly 4 st, thats will do me nicely....


a new way of living!
I too have struggled for years, and know how frustrating it is. I have done total food replacements, and regained, weight watchers - and always get fatter there! and I have to say I love SW extra easy, in my opinion, you need to a) get the extra easy info (class or online) and then b) track absolutly everything you eat, easy online with food diary, and c) come on here as much as you can, I try to at least once every day,

tracking is the biggie though, if i dont track, I dont lose weight, if the diet is too complicated, I dont track, and then dont lose, so thats why I love extra easy, because it is - extra easy!

get to a class if you can, thats the best.
Well done for making the effort in the first place Gabby.
SW is the easier plan to follow. I think all of us have tried one if not all of the other diets out there for a short quick fix only to find that you gain all of it back plus more (I know I have!) Lol.
If you get the chance, have a look at the Food diary section on here to give you some ideas on meal plans etc...just to get you started and on the right track. Good luck Hun.

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