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Really Silly Question on Hunger.


Trying... Really Trying.
Hey Slimmers...

This is a really stupid thing to admit but... I dont think I actually know when I am hungry or whether I just fancy eating.

My OH is always complaining that she is starving or hungry but I think I generally just eat because I fancy the food, I dont think my stomach is ever empty, or cramping, or gugling.

I think one of the major reasons I became overweight was that I was eating when I was "supposed" to eat instead of when I was hungry. So I would eat a full meal at breakfast, during my lunch hour, and then again when I got home just because they were "meal times".

I decided to see how hungry I could get yesterday so I ate some melon in the morning to kick start my metabolism but then wasnt hungry for the rest of the day, my stomach didnt do anything, I didnt feel the need to eat, its weird.

Does anyone else feel they dont actually know when they are hungry or when they convince themselves they are hungry because they just enjoy the act of eating?
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I agree I defo eat out of habit not being hungry, breaking the habit of not having snacks when watching a movie I am finding really hard . Also at work I have my lunch early on the day which I find I still do at weekends but this leads me to snack later at night because I am up later at the weekend, think this is my main weight gain issue and don't know how to break the cycle?


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I've always been a grazer so whatever time of day I'll want to nibble something. I did used to find that I'd eat for the sake of eating, often overindulging & totally regret it after.

I think SW has encouraged me to really think about whether I'm hungry because its approaching a "mealtime" or if I just fancy something to pass by time. If I am peckish I do try to go for fruit over anything else so even if I graze when I'm not hungry I'm going for the better option.
Its definitely not stupid. I struggle with this, but I am better than when I started. Its to do with your mum telling you you couldn't do a,b,or c unless you ate all your dinner. You are conditioned from childhood to clear your plate, so I now put less on my plate and then have seconds if I am still hungry.
Hi there

I used to eat because it was "meal time" too (well as well as other reasons :p)
Now I have learnt to eat when Im hungry -although I don't let myself get starvin marvin. I also now refuse to eat "what I should" "when I should" -so if I fancy cereal for dinner and I have the A+Bs etc for it then that is what I have, the other morning I hade home made butternut squash soup for brekkie as it was what I wanted -and boy it was lovely :D

If Im not really hungry -like today then I just make sure I have something nutritious -so lunch was a salmon fillet with pickled cabbage mmmmmmmmm ... not stodgy and heavy but nutritious and freeeeeee:p


Trying... Really Trying.
Thanks for your answers ladies.

I think we are conditioned that an empty plate means you are a good kid! I think also as my family arent big drinkers then most achievements, birthdays, XMas etc revolved around food so its a social thing as well as a habitual thing.
I think Capricorn makes a really good point of eating whatever whenever as when I was on atkins I learnt that there is no such thing as a breakfast/dinner food, I quite often have the most random breakfasts!

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