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really struggling this week

Hi I'm feeling so fed up an I just want to eat. I messed up on my first day this week an I'm now on 17 points to try and help not gaining. Problem isd this week I just feel like I want to eat all the time this is my 8th week and its my last day today but I have weighed my self and I have gained 2lb official weigh in 2mo and I'm annoyed because it will be a gain, I just want to scoff my face can any1 help
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hun dont worry about it,youv gained this week but you have to think positive and sort it out from now on,get a pad to write in,carry it with you at all times and i really mean this,i also have had a bad week,but its because iv not done things that i no help me,i always carry around a pen,pad,ww eating out book,salt and vinegar snack-a-jacks and pepsi max( the pepsi max is 0pts and really fills me up,ok maybe a bit of bloating but has never affected my weightloss and really keeps me full) so give it a try!!!! i think also writing stuff down makes you not want to over eat because you can see how well your doing,even start a diary on here hun,i hope my few words can help,i also find that eating a fairly decent breakfast helps,some mornings i have omelette in it i put onions,mushrooms,tomatoes,2 eggs,teeny weeny bit of cheese and it tastes lovely,keeps me full too!! goodluck hun xxx i count 6 points for the omelette btw,and use low fat cooking spray xxx
technically you may not have gained, we change from day to day by either +2lbs or -2lbs, if you start scoffing now then yeah you will gain tomorrow (sorry to put it bluntly) but if you stick to it, may just be extra water retention that will go by tomorrow meaning a sts or even loss
The best advice my ww leader has given me in all the weeks, is, if you have a bad day, put a line through it, and start again the next day. Its so hard, cause we have trained ourselves to beat ourselves up for going off plan, and then we punish ourselves by eating whatever, and go into that revolving circle. I am an emotional eater, so have really suffered from this. But now, when I have a bad day, or couple of days, I draw that line, until I can get back on track, and that is the trick, keep going. Take the pressure off yourself for this week. Its not the end of the world if you have a bad week. Its a learning journey, and will always be.

Hugs to you, and hope you manage to get back to it.
i agree with whats already been said. a couple of week ago i went off plan wed/thurs/fri, i seriously didnt take into consideration points etc, but i decided to just draw a line under it and start again. it was a blip, and is for you, but you can pull yourself back from it and start fresh-its not the end of the world. so what you went off plan? this is a long term goal anyway-so 1week off plan isnt going to ruin your overall aim is it?
good luck hun!
I think everyone's given great advice. The main thing is to draw a line under what's happened and start again. I know I used to think if I'd had a bad day, I'd blown it and eat for the rest of the week which meant I'd gain a lot more weight. I think it's so true what Blossom102 says, it's important to right everything down, it really does help you to stay on track.

Everyone has bad weeks, I know it's a cliche but it's a marathon and not a sprint!
All the best for next week!
Hi to every one who replied to my thread, so I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 1lb which I'm delighted about. I have just moved so I reall think that didn't help but I'm putting all that behind me now and its the start of a new week and I am going to do it, u all gave great advise an u really helped me to stay strong, thankyou to u
all x

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