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Really struggling

Hi all. Well into week 2 now but have really struggled yesterday and today, I feel absolutely ravenous and all I can think of is food, I haven't really felt that hungry till now. I think my 1 st weigh in of 7 lb off (which I know is good but I was dissapointed) hasn't helped with motivation this week either. Feeling miserable, bad tempered and down in the dumps!!! I won't let myself stray though as I'm determined to see it through till my hols , tryin to focus on that to keep me goin. Any advice on ways to help and cope would be appreciated!!
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Hey chin up hun......what I do when the chatterbox wants action is to go in the arcade on here and get some scores on my record...even try to get high scores, could be in there for hours lol......

Be strong and you will get through it xxx
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I know what you mean I am well into week 2 as well and struggled yesterday as I had played 5 games of Netball over 3 days and it hit me yesterday. I nearly fainted and was sick but feel better today. I think you are doing the right thing focusing on your holiday that is what I am doing. I get a little disheartened when I get on the scales at home when it doesn't seem to be changing but I think "How upset with myself would I be if I got to the day of my holiday and I hadn't seen this through and was the same weight I am now" Keep thinking like that and stay strong and the weight will come off with time. Stay strong, and good luck for weigh in day!


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Ok Cezza Im going to give you a bit of tough lovin here but please dont take any offence by it....... YOU LOST A HALF A STONE IN WEEK ONE AND YOU WERE DISAPPOINTED???????? C'mon Cezza I think that deserves a massive round of applauds- well done you, dont be down about it that's a fantastic weight loss and try and look at it as a great motivator for next week!!!!

This is no easy diet and there are alot of mountains everyone has to climb and the fact that we are able to share our worries, bad moods on here helps so much as everyone is so very supportive (even if they give a bit of tough love from time to time-ah hem)

I hope you are feeling a little better today and I know you will look like one hot Cezza on your hols ;)
No offense taken!! He he. I see wot you are sayin and I should concentrate on myself and not what everyone else is losing! I'm still struggling to be honest this week has been much worse than last week but I do keep thinkin about all those hol clothes that are still 'snug'on me! I don't feel great either I have no energy and am v lethargic so that's not helping. God I'm a misery!! Roll on weigh in ;-))


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Come on be strong....you can do it......we all can if we put our minds to it......I know how easy it is for a slip up but it does not help it makes it very hard to get back onto the straight and narrow.....keep up the great work

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