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Really struggling...


Step away from the chips!
I had a planned day off from SS on Friday as we were going to a wedding. I had lots of good intentions - i was only going to eat the meat & green veg but unfortunately it all went out the window. I had my shake for breakfast, a tetra for lunch, then proceeded to eat everything that was set in front of me during what was the most divine meal i've tatsed in a long time. Thankfully the portions were small - think nouvelle cuisine size lol.Not only that i had a right go at the cheese board later (complete with bread & butter) AND on the drive home wolfed half a cheese & onion sandwich pack plus 2 bags of Big Eat crisps :sigh:

I decided not to beat myself up too much about it and get straight back on it on Saturday and i did ok til Saturday night when i stayed up after my other half went to bed & had 2 tuna & coleslaw sandwiches & a packet of crisps :(

Since then i cant get my head in the right place & have been constantly nibbling & picking, mostly at the childrens food. I have such an overwhelming urge to have a huge blow out but i've resisted so far. All night at work on Sunday night i planned to stop on the way home & buy about a dozen packets of crisps, i just couldnt get the idea out of my head, so i was so pleased with myself when i drove straight by the shop without stopping. Last night i left my purse at home just in case the temptation got too much.

I have my 5th WI later this morning & i'll be amazed if i've lost anything this week and i'm worried if i dont lose (or heaven forbid, gain) then i'll go mad & demloish the contents of the fridge & freezer.

I look at my losses (and my inch losses) and i know that it feels so good to be doing so well and i dont want to blow it but the old bingeing demons are becoming difficult to ignore. Part of my brain is saying "go on, get the binge out of your system" but the rational side of me KNOWS that once i start i wont stop because that is where my biggest problem lies - i have NO self-control with food. The reason this diet is working for me is because it has removed food from the equation so i cant over-indulge just like i always do.

Aaaargghh! Sorry this has been so long-winded, especially when i havent been on for a couple of weeks but i really needed to get this down & hopefully someone will be able to help me past this danger point :(
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I am in a similar boat - i had a planned weekend off when my family came to visit and since then am nowhere near as strict as i used to be (picking whilst im cooking for my boyf etc) - i keep telling myself that ketosis isnt that sensitive and one crisp wont make a difference etc!
try to think of how rubbish and disappointed you will be if you do have a massive binge. as much as i hate this diet at times, we all know how hard we have worked and it would be rubbish to undo all the efforts and sacrifices so far!
Ok ladies ... firstly remove any food from the house you are likely to nibble on! In my house biscuits, choc etc has to go in their bedrooms or I'll eat it!

Next get your fat photos out ... we all have them! Stick them in the kitchen - on every available place.

Now get your thin photos - when you were a skinny mini - and put those together with holiday pictures or whatever it is that you'd next like to be slim for, in the bedroom and bathroom so you see them each morning and evening. Clothes you want/ or use to fit into works too.

Then write a long list of why you feel better slim and the pros of losing weight. Pin that somewhere you'll see it all the time. Next to the computer is good!

Lastly come on here and start an online diary and buddy up with someone! Good luck!


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I really feel for you, but you MUST stop beating yourself up over this. You have done amazingly well up until now and you can do it again. This diet is hard, but it isn't forever. All the food you have been bingeing on will still be there in a few more months and once you have reached your goal weight it will taste sooooo much better!
Now bend over and take a big kick up the bum from me and remember why you started this journey in the first place! It's going to be tough now for 3 or 4 days as you get back into ketosis but....... YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!! Get glugging the water and keep us posted on how you are doing xx


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I know how you feel, I am in the same boat too. Had a good couple of weeks at the start but my Mum got ill so I started picking a bit too much so put on 1/2 lb last week, then she was taken into hospital on Friday and I ate all weekend and Monday. Well 'ate' isn't the right word, I stuffed, binged, whatever it's called when you eat things you don't care about but don't stop. I ate 4 bags of crisps back to back on Sunday all the time telling myself that it was wrong. I scared myself with my ability to eat.

Last night I managed to reign myself back in again and today it's a fresh start. Tomorrow will be my 4 th weigh in and my second week of gaining, I am embarressed and ashamed and I don't ever want to feel like this again.

I'm thinking of you, and want to tell you to have faith in yourself "you alone can do the diet, but you don't have to do it alone."


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Try not to get upset its just a bump on the road, we all have them, dont beat yourself up just look athow fantastic you have done to date, your weight loss is an amazing axchievement. Also the fact that your being honest about the little mishaps is great at least your not in denial.

So what if theres no weight loss at your weigh in, just jump back onto the nband wagion and start again. Im guessingyour of ss or ss + Ive only started and im on ss and had now time to get prepared for the lack of food chewing etc, but I feel fine Im determined to reach my goal.

Just rememebr why you are doing this at that you'll reach that goal soon.

Maybe you need to go on the 790 or 810 plan and introduce a small meal??


Step away from the chips!
Thank you all for your wise words & encouragement. I managed to lose 4.5lbs this week. I'm amazed lol but it got me to my 2 stone mark & all of a sudden i feel like i can do this again. I felt so happy when my CDC told me my loss - felt much better than eating any amount of crisps. I DONT need the rubbish food, i'm stronger than the devil on my shoulder.

I just had a look at some photos taken of me in March and at some taken at the wedding on Friday and my face has already changed so much and i know my body shape is too, even though to others i will still look very big.

I've been on here a lot this morning, just reading & getting inspired, and i may be here a lot more over the next couple of days lol.

Miel, sorry to hear your mum is poorly xx
Karen have done the same my self but the good thing is you know it works, and you can get back on it. Just think how well you have done and how well you can do. Good luck
Karen, you've lost a substantial amount so well done on that! You say you are prone to bingeing - any plans/strategies for when you do reach your goal (I'm sure you will) to stop it going back on - to regain that control? I ask as I'm very interested in how to successfully maintain after CD.

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