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Really unsure.

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Hello everyone!
Sorry this post may turn out a little long. I joined this wonderful forum yesterday and i was adviced to start off with a slimfast 3,2,1 which seems really good but at the same time i dont feel like i will be able to stick to it. For the simple reason it seems to boring. Surly dieting isnt that boring :( Im not a fussy eater and i really do love healthy foods but i just dont know how to make them my daily items. I basically need someone to tell me what to eat each day. Another big thing is i only really eat breakfast and a meal at night and i will have a snack inbetween and iv got the awful habbit of snacking at night. I was about 15stone when i last weighed myself a few months ago. I will be getting some new scales on monday and everything will start from there. At the moment my diet is really bad. I either have (grilled) sausage or bacon cob for my breakfast and either pizza, chips or KFC or some other sort of fast food at night about 8pm. My snacks inbetween are crisps and chocolate. At night time well sometimes about 12-1. I start to get really hungry so i will have half a pizza or some chips :eek: The only fluid intake i have is pepsi. Im 18 and after typeing what my diet is i feel like im going to die before im 30 if i dont change my ways. I want to lose about 6stone so i dont really want a slimfast diet due to me wanting my eating to be a complete change in my life. In a few months i want my whole diet to contain healthy foods instead of all the take away ect. Sorry for rambling on. Can anyone help me out :eek:

Thank you.
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Hi there,

Not sure if I will help but....

Dieting/losing weight/changing eatting patterns doesn't have to be boring. And as you have a bit of weight to lose (and not 5 pounds) it needs to be something you can do for the long haul.

Theres more than one way to "diet" ~ some people say its basically about calories in v calroeis out. Some people have success with Atkins and low carb diets. Not all involve meal replacements.... which can be akward when it comes to social eating.

Maybe you could explore calorie counting? A few of the other popular diets? Some plans have books and diet sheets which can help you by having a day/week/ weeks planned out in advance so all you would have to do is follow it. I know Slimming Wiorld do books like this (you can get them off eBay).

You don't have to wait to start losing weight though as you explore. One thing that has helped me in the past is just keeping a record of everything I put in me mouth. No guilt placed on it. Just facts. It helps me with mindless/emotional eating and puts me in the driving seat.

Oh and drink plenty of water. You might already do that but it helps with weight loss. Some people think they are hungry when in fact they are thirsty and water is best for that.

Rome wasn't built in a day and unfortunately you won't lose that weight overnight ~ I wish for me that that would be true.... so set goals, be positive and have fun....

Be good to hear how you progress. You are doing fab..... doing something about that weight now and not waiting for a stroke or worse.

I'm here!

JUdith ~ also unsure what plan to follow.
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Hi again. I didn't advise starting it, I suggested looking into it as a starting point, as it is fairly structured but still allows a 600 cal meal and 200+ cals in snacks a day.

The only reason I suggested a structured plan was this statement

silly celeb 'fad' diets and i did try one where i have cereal for breakfast hamsalad cob for dinner and then a small cooked meal at night but i was so hungry it only lasted a week. my diet at the moment is the poorest diet in the whole world i think. if i eat stuff from home i mainly have chips and pizza or chips and something else if im not having that then i mainly live off KFC also the only thing i drink is PEPSI or other fizzy drinks from morning till night :(:eek:

No one can really tell you what to eat but why not look at the healthy eating or calorie counting diaries for inspiration for meals, and possibly sign up with MFP to log your foods to keep an eye on your own calories.
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Hey, before you pick a "diet" I would suggest sorting out your unhealthy habits.
ie, have a small balanced meal during the day(even something easy like tuna sandwich or baked sweet potato) and stop the snacking at night-eat a protein rich dinner 30-60mins later than usual and just do NOT snack! after a few days you'll be in a new habit and can eat earlier and resist the snacks.

Look at all the meal plans and diaries to get ideas for healthy menus, then plan your food in advance and do a weekly shop only for those healthy foods.

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