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Really want to get drunk


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I won't, definitely won't, but I really feel like doing it.

Have had a rubbish couple of days (work related), which began with me being offered the job i interviewed for on Friday. From then on it went downhill fast and the upshot seems to be that I won't be able to take the job cos I'm totally tied into a contract already. I'm SO gutted, and really hacked off with the whole thing.

Getting drunk would make it all soooooooo much better, lol, even if only for a few hours... and not at all in the morning!
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Hi Elle-Emm,
how heart breaking, nothing worse than knowing you can do something only to be tied up in red tape. Glad to hear you still have your sense of humour through it all, well done. Pour yourself a tall glass of sparkling water, pretend it's bubbly, stay on here and rant a bit more - you will feel all the better for it.
take care
p.s. and no hangover - great isn't it


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what a bummer! sometimes things are meant to be, keep with it things look better once you've had a few sleeps on it :)


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totally understand - i reeeally miss alcohol :( just for socialising purposes - you don't realise how annoying your friends are until they're drunk and you're sober! lol. got friday night and bank holiday this weekend and i'll be driving :( but we will have the last laugh when we look gorgeous!


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Getting drunk doesnt solve a thing!!!!!!!!

Well done you though for not giving in - stay strong honey :) :hug99:


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I had a relaxing evening of Great British Menu (love that show!) and the Apprentice. Didn't open my laptop once and was asleep by 11pm! Woke up at 1.30 convinced it was time to be getting up though, lol.

Anyway, am in work nice and early, going to be reallty productive and do my best in this job - hopefully when this contract ends i'll find something else good.

Great things come to those who wait :) and I do think you get what you give, in life so will live up to that philosophy at work for the next 2 days and look forward to the long weekend and maybe book a week off in July.

Thanks for the support guys :) always welcomed xxx Elle.


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Its good to hear how postivive you are feeling Elle-Emm. I too am a strong believer that you reap what you sow. If you are more productive at work you will enjoy it more and when you do leave you will get a fab reference from your employer :)

Enjoy your long weekend
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Hi Elle-Emm

Pants about the job dear, but sometimes when things don't go our way they are not meant to be. I bet after your contract is up you find something equally good, and the interview experience will stand you in good stead.
So pleased you stayed away from dumming down your feelings with alcohol. You see, we can survive without it!!
Check Doirin's post on 'a positive side affect' and keep going chick!! ;)


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Hi Elle-emm, well done for not caving in. Being a driver, I hardly ever drink alcohol at all now. I effectively gave it up after a horrendously drunken incident 24 years ago, when my son was 3 and my daughter 3 months old, when I joined Gingerbread, a social group for single parents....what a drag! I didn't know anyone, so I necked a whole bottle of white wine, vomited in a blokes car on the way home to my mums, and was SO ill and ashamed, I prompty vowed never to get drunk or even tipsy ever again......and I never have and I don't miss drinking one bit!!! At least I wont have to work out the calories for booze after my refeed!!!!!!


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oh no! have had many horrific student experiences on alcohol and am now actually very sensible. well, pre-LT, not actually "now" ;)

I'm sure i will drink again, but it's an eye opener being sober all the time when others are getting drunk around you!

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