Really wonderful and emotional new year


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Good morning all happy new year!

I just wanted to share my new year with you, i went to a party with my partner and some good friends and had a really lovely time, and although i see all of them regularly (well at least once a month) they were all saying how fab i looked and how i didnt need to loose anymore weight etc which was so nice! Anyways there is one song in particular which i love so much and its the florance + machine "youve got the love" this song makes me well up everytime i listen to it..

Anyways the clock struck midnight and this song came on.. and i just stood there thinking "holy cow.. im doing it.. ive wanted to loose weight all my life and im doing it" - that was the best new years feeling ever! Now that song is gonna make me even more emotional than ever!

CD is changing my life and helping me achieve my dreams and goals... and if i ever feel like giving up i will remeber that moment of real elation of my personal success..

Sorry if im bragging.. its just that moment hit me over the head like a baseball bat and i was consumed with overwhelming elation :)

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What a great story and must have been the bestfeeling in the world! Bottle it and
hold that thought!
Well done on your sucess! Are you maintaining now?


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Glad you feel soooooooo happy :D i lurrrrve Florence!

CD really IS the best isnt it????!!!!??!!!!!!

Keep up your good work x


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Totally with you on that one Helen - it's amazing to be actually doing it.
Congratulations and I hope you have a wonderful year!


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Aw, well done Helen!



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Thank you everyone! You are all so kind!

Alyb- I still wanna loose another 50lbs and then ill be on maintenance.. still a long road ahead but i already feel so much better!



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Well done Helen you are doing amazing and I wish you all the best in reaching your goal in 2010 xx.