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Realy bizarre question and poss TMI

I'm a bit embarrassed to ask this but it popped into my head and would like the answer.

You know on SS your stuck to a certain amount of calories per day to keep that balance right.

Well does that mean you can't swallow? :ashamed0005: as in a mans stuff? cos i heard thats a lot of calories? not sure is it's full of carbs though :rotflmao:
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well I don't know the answer, but y'know what, just had to say 'THANK YOU' as that's the first time I've chuckled out loud in a while... Sorry, but sat here with a big grin... so thanks!

Would be intrigued to know the answer tho lol!!!!


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well its protein isnt it? so it wouldnt knock you out of ketosis.. wouldnt know about the calories though.. lol

x x x
pmsl, you are soooooo funny am sat here in stitches, answer, i dunno, i doubt it very much maybe just spit while your on this diet im sure he wont be offened if you say its too high in cals pmsl
hehe it's making me chuckle too, I think they say its about 500 cals which is a lot
hahaha - i'll try that one, sorry luv gonna have to spit as it's not allowed on my diet pmsl
ill be keeping an eye on YOUR weigh ins chick pmsl
really?? can you post a link lol
i couldnt find anything


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lmao i was thinking this earler on lool
I found an answer of sorts on web lmfao :

The average ejaculate, laden with between 200 and 300 million sperm, amounts to about about 5 calories.

These are derived from protein, including enzymes, and sugars (mainly fructose) secreted into semen by the prostate gland to provide the sperm with the energy to swim.

Other 'ingredients' present in semen include :

Vitamin C
Citric acid
Phosphate and bicarbonates, to regulate acidity

For comparison, a greasy cheeseburger contains over 500 calories, so to equal one junk-food attack you'd need to gulp down over 100 ejaculates. Comforting thought...


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It's all protein and apparently 45 kcals but not sure in what quantity.

Thanks, smiling now:D
arhh but it has citric acid in thats a no no, dont you read the sticky pmsl
Man's stuff is supposed to be very good for the complexion, so you could redirect the firing line and use as moisturiser ;). All that protein is good for the skin.
ha ha the citric acid would be a good excues!!!

Thank you for the laugh.....:D:D

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