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Reasons for no cottage cheese or bacon, aside from 'the rules'...

Yeah, so I have read these boards to death over the past few days, and I am basically finding that, biologically, now I am in ketosis (light pink - tested with friend's Ketostix), I should be able to eat non-carbs and remain in ketosis. And since CD works through ketosis, my loss wouldn't be affected.

Question - CD is low-calorie (well, VLC actually) so am I losing weight that way, or through ketosis (supercharged fat burning)? How would a non-carb food interfere with that?

I know, I know, the 'rules' of CD dictate 'NO FOOD - TOTAL ABSTINENCE' but aside from that rule as a psychological 'overcoming food issues' tool, does it have a biological reason too? Or, assuming you had no 'food issues' (work hypothetically here), could you add in some protein/fat when you had reached a ketotic state?

Note: I cross-posted this to the LL forum. I am on LL but nutritionally these diets are very similar, and I think they are based on the same weight loss science (albeit with LL having more of a psychological twist too).
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Hi there

I am not an expert but I think CD sole source works on a combination of ketosis and low calorie combined. However, if you want to have low carb food why not opt for one of the other CD plans such as 790 which allows a small low carb meal each day. Losses are slightly lower but not that much difference



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you're losing weight through the low calories, but you're not hungry/dizzy etc because of the ketosis. So you could well eat bacon and stay in ketosis, but for each thing you eat, even if you stay in ketosis, your weight loss will slow down a little bit. It's oh too easy to just munch a little bit more until you've upped your calorie count in relation to abstinence significantly.

Bacon also contains massive amounts of salt, which can cause water retention - not a problem in the long term (apart from blood pressure etc) but more disheartening to see on the scales = more likely to give up.

A lot of people find pure abstinence easier - no food at all is a lot easier for many people than having to choose

Hope this helps
lots of love
ida xx
Yes, that does help a lot, thanks both. Are we deffo sure that super low calorie foods are not allowed though, a la cottage cheese? I need to put chew/bite/put something in my mouth!
The thing is, CD should be done by the book, which means if you are SSing then that is it, obviously then 790 offers a cottage cheese option which may suit better, you could have a little less than the book says maybe x

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