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Reasons for no cottage cheese or bacon

Yeah, so I have read these boards to death over the past few days, and I am basically finding that, biologically, now I am in ketosis (light pink - tested with friend's Ketostix), I should be able to eat non-carbs and remain in ketosis. And since LL works through ketosis, my loss wouldn't be affected.

Question 1) LL is low-calorie (well, VLC actually) so am I losing weight that way, or through ketosis (supercharged fat burning)? How would a non-carb food interfere with that?

I know, I know, the 'rules' of LL dictate 'NO FOOD - TOTAL ABSTINENCE' but aside from that rule as a psychological 'overcoming food issues' tool, does it have a biological reason too? Or, assuming you had no 'food issues' (work hypothetically here), could you add in some protein/fat when you had reached a ketotic state?
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Thanks Dancing.

I do have some food issues (who doesn't?) but I think that 98% of the issue is boredom eating. I've realised that during my 5 days so far. I know I am having a crisis of faith in LL but I am not sure what help my LL counsellor can give me on that front. Maybe I'm being negative. I don't eat to 'comfort' myself and I don't eat cos I am angry either.

Ugh, I just don't know if I need the group session or not, and for a student, £68 is a hell of a lot. I know that shouldn't be an excuse really. As for the protein question, maybe that's just the road to ruin. But eating protein for one meal a day would be SO excellent. And make eating in hospital much easier.

This isn't Atkins ketosis, this is VLCD ketosis - the reason why you can't eat on LL is because you are not supposed to be eating. You are not supposed to have more than 500-600 calories (depending on which bars you eat) because if you do you will not be losing weight at 3lbs plus per week on average.

If you want to bend the rules, fine, but the reasons are simple, the people who bend the rules from the beginning do not succeed. If you've read the board to death you will see the difference between the people who just get on with it and those that nibble here and there.

If you want this question answered, talk to your counsellor, please don't ask for permission or reasons to eat on the LL board - if you want to eat you need to find another weight-loss programme.


has started again!!
Dont think Cerulean was trying to give you a hard time. She is a very experienced member of this forum, and one of this things we love her for (well I do anyway!!) is the fact that she really tells it like it is!

I am one of those that she has referred to in the vein of picking at food (cheating effectively). She is right that if you do start to reintroduce food before your journey is over, is is so very much harder to get on with it. I am battling so many demons right now, and all because I "just nibbled" before I should have done!

I really hope you make the rigt choice for you. It is such a tough journey, and we all have to be comfortable in what we are doing. I did look into CD myself, not that long ago & decided to stick with LL. MAybe the CD 790diet would be what you need if you fancy protien? Just a thouht!

Good luck!
I don't use hundreds of smiley faces alas, so I can come over as being quite curt - I wasn't being mean to you. But in this post you didn't say that you were wavering, you were asking why high protein food wasn't allowed which is why you got my 'get with the programme' response - I leave all the hugs and 'awwwwws' to people on the board who are better at that sort of thing than I am!!!

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