Reasons to loose weight...


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Thought listing the reasons i want to loose weight would help me and also others, feel free to add more :) feel more comfortable in my own skin be able to buy clothes from places like Top shop ect.
3.Get dressed up to go out with friends and not feel like everyone looks better than me.
4.not have to worry about seat belt fitting on plane. able to buy a Wonder Bra :)
6.Buy knee high boots.
7.Wear a dress/skirt
8.get more compliments from people.
9.For me to be the one getting chatted up on a night out with the girls instead of them! wear high heel shoes and not have them kill my feet. feel more confident with my clothes off lol. get rid of my double chin! have a flat stomach (oh the joy) have thinner legs.

Will prob think of more shortly :) xx
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My list is...

Feel better in sleeveless tops
Feel more comfortable with myself
Look better in pictures
Don’t feel I need to avoid cameras!
Live a much healthier life
Be able to run the Race for Life!
Cheaper clothes :)
Shopping is a more fun experience
Enjoy the gym more, feeling more comfortable
Feel more confident in myself
Do a whole range of things that my weight restricts me from doing
Not feel so invisible
Be able to eat in public without feeling bad
Have more energy all the time
Not care about going swimming
Be able to shop anywhere
To not be judged as lazy or greedy because of how I look
To not hate what I see in the mirror
To have people say I look good, or well, and REALLY mean it
To not feel like I have to wear clothes to cover everything up
Not be the fattest person in the room, class, party, anything!
Feel comfortable in a swimming costume
To not be embarrassed by myself
One size fits all actually fits!
To be able to watch a programme about overweight people on TV and not think I should be on it
To not take fat jokes and references personally
Not care that the doctor wants to weigh me
Not have to worry about people seeing the size on a tag on my clothes
To feel proud of myself when I get to the end!


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All sound great to me Caroline, one more i'd like to add is to be able to wear a pair of jeans and tuck my top in instead of having it over my tummy cos i hate it! x


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my reasons to lose weight are:

- to like myself again
- to enjoy shopping instead of crying in changing rooms
- to be more healthy
- to feel confident
- to be able to wear high heel shoes again
- so I can buy clothes I actually like rather than ones that hide my tummy
- to be able to wear sexy underwear
- to be able to wear little summer dresses
- so people dont judge me
- to be able to actually look at my reflection in shop windows

and finally .......

- to have another baby!!!!!!!!!!


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1) to not be shopping in Evans anymore (sorry Evans but your a rip off)

2) to see a nice small number on the scales

Those were my two main things :D

Have accomplished both..almost lol


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MrsE.. is everything still on track for NY with the latest batch of snow?


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Well yes caro... as long as it dont chuck down a load of snow (i.e last week!) we'll be ok :D although not really excited until our plane actually takes off lol


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Ooo reasons to do this:

1. Set a good example re food and nutrition to my children.
2. So my children do not grow up with a Mum that always wears black.
3. So my children do not see me on life support in ICU following a triple heart bypass, like i did with my Mum.
4. To lower my cholesterol.
5. Avoid type 2 diabetes, which my Mum got!
6. Feel good about myself.
7. Enjoy every mouthful of food I eat rather than be on automantic pilot.
8. To look good in my doctorate graduation photo, unlike my masters and first degree!
9. To not take up so much room in bed and thereby not get so squashed when the children get in!
10. Enjoy shopping for clothes rather than avoid it!
plus many more!!


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This is such a good one!! Mine are:

To feel more confident in myself;
To look good for my husband and kids;
Have more energy to play with my kids;
To enjoy clothes shopping;
To be able to pick up any size 12/14 and know it will fit without even having to try it on;
To not be the fat friend any more :(
To know that when my husband says he fancies me, I can believe it;


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These are all great and Mrsesses, yes i agree Evans is a bloody rip off!! I am trying to pay off a store card for that shop and i am deff going to shed the fat pounds and the cash pounds this year lol x