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Rebeccah's Diary

Hi everyone,

I have to say I'm delighted to find this site - what inspirational stories and motivation. I too did lipo 4 years ago and lost 4 stone and felt fantastic - however, I've put it all back on gradually and another half stone for good measure!

So, here I am back on the journey. I feel fantastic - I'm on day 13 and mentally I'm in a great place - very determined, strong and motivated.

I was a little disappointed with my first weeks weight loss (6lb) The last time I lost 10lb in my first week. You've inspired me to think of some goals - really great idea!

Looking forward to hearing more of your success! Keep it up everyone, lets be happier and sexier on the beach this summer!
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Hi Rebeccah, welcome to the site! Lovely to read such positivity xx
Thanks for the welcome Emmievic - and good for you for restarting! we'll get there!

So my goals

Get into the 13s
Give my size 18s and tunics (tents) to the charity shop
Stay strong and stick to TFR 100%
Make up excuses to not have to go out for dinner (do not want to hear people's negativity towards LT - Why don't you just eat healthier and exercise? - d'oh)
Put all my loose change into size 12 shopping spree fund

Get into the 12s
Give my size 16s to charity shop
Go for a walk every day
Stick to TFR even when I'm abroad (work) for a week (going to be tough - I love trying out food in different countries..still nothing tastes as good as being slim feels...right??)
Keep saving my loose change for size 12 shopping spree
Mon 27th June - begin refeed healthily/properly

Feel and look great at 2 weddings
Be able to wear skirts without thighs chaffing
Stick to maintenance despite being abroad (work) for two weeks
Start walking / jogging every day (walk for 3 mins jog for one etc.)
Keep my goal in sight and losing weight
Keep saving for my new wardrobe

Stick to maintenance despite being in Spain (holidays) for three weeks
Do not use heat as an excuse for not exercising - jog every day!
One ice cream per week
Get into the 11s

Back to working full time in Ireland (routine)
Stick to maintenance consider TFR if necessary
Join jogging club
Continue exercising every day
Get into the 10s

Wedding on oct 15th - be at goal! - look & feel incredible at it!
Keep weighing in

Keep weighing in

Keep weighing in
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Fab goals! xx
Emmie, Thank you so much for your encouragement - really appreciated. Weigh in tomorrow - hopefully I'll do well. Have stuck to it 100%. xxx
Hi everyone,

Had my second weigh in today - 5lbs. I'm happy but not ecstatic. The first time I did this diet the weight fell off faster - what's changed? Is it just that I'm older? That my body has somehow gotten used to the diet? But either way 11lbs is good weight loss in 2 weeks, faster than I could do it any other way.

However, I do feel like my life is on hold and I'm finding it tough at times. I'm avoiding people because I don't want to have to explain the not eating / drinking. I don't want to tell anyone I'm on it because I don't want to hear "that crazy diet again? sure, you put it all back on last time". I really really want to do this. In lots of ways my life is on hold being overweight anyway, because sometimes I feel too fat and ugly to go out and see people. So, I have to do this...no excuses, no ifs, buts or maybes!

It's great to see progress on the ticker too!

Hope everyone's doing well - it will be worth it - when we're on the beach in the summer not feeling like beached whales!!


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You have just said exactly how I feel - I'm even avoiding my mum!! I wore a really baggy top when I saw my mother in law and a friend last night so they wouldnt suspect anything, mad isn't it!!

I just keep thinking its only a few more weeks and then I can do a big reveal and it will be too late for them to judge. Goodness this diet can be a complete mind **** sometimes eh??!
So today I went on a good walk - 45 mins brisk pace. Proud of myself. I also stayed up till now and whoa! tough - going to bed early is much easier; think I'm going to stick to my early nights for another while. I'm not ready to be downstairs and not having a little snack! Weird, it was my 17th day and found it pretty darn hard. Didn't falter though and I know I won't for the month of May - I'm so mega determined for that. After 1st June though - well that's another story...we'll just have to wait and see and re-assess. Hopefully I'll find the strength to carry on with it. I know I'll look and feel a hell of a lot better if I do. But for not I'm going to stay focusing on May...14 days left!!
I cannot believe that only yesterday I said there was no way I'd eat for the month of may - I just had a bit of scrambled egg! I really, really hope it won't set me back too much. But OMG it was de-fooking-licious!!!
Anybody know if eggs set you out of ketosis? I looked them up and it says they're protein. Crap - how do you people do this diet with people around you...eating? Hats off ...seriously. I have a friend staying and she was hungry and the only food I had left in the house was eggs.
I feel a bit bad but to be honest, it was that yummy that it's taken the edge off! I know I'm gonna feel s**t tomorrow though.
Chat then
You should be ok if it was just an egg. Don't worry too much and just get straight back on. Good luck! xx
Ok so I don't feel so bad. Had to weigh it up and just draw a line under it and move on. I really need to lose weight for my confidence so I'm back on the wagon - isn't that 'egg'cellent?? sorry, shocking joke!

But that's it I've decided to become stricter about not socialising or being around people who are eating. So here are my excuses:

I can't drink, I'm on antibiotics for a throat infection.
I can't eat as I'm having blood tests for suspected high cholesterol and I need to fast.
I'm working late.
I have an essay to write (what essay for what?) believe me you don't want to know, har har.
I have a kidney infection - have to drink heaps of water to flush it out (no, I don't like cranberry juice).
I already have tickets for a gig that night.

It is a bit ridiculous. But hey, I really don't want to hear people's negativity, so needs must!
Hope everyone else is getting on well!
Hiya perfect mess,
I'm feeling apprehensive I guess is the best way to describe it, waiting to see if the egg that I ate affects it. I really am struggling mentally this week. You're doing great! My weigh in is on Monday so fingers crossed I'll do ok - I was 14st 3lbs last week and I really want to get to the 13's so fingers and toes crossed! How about you? How's week four going for you? x
Day 22 in the lipotrim house. Rebeccah is tearing her hair out!

No, not really! My life as I knew it is completely on hold. I stayed in last night wrapped up in a blanket, with my large bottle of evian watching recorded episodes of grand designs back to back - wild!! (sky plus is my new best friend/drinking buddy!!). I'm going to start recording fashion programmes and planning what I'm going to wear when I'm a skinny malinky! Weigh in tomorrow - I'm praying that I'll be in the 13s. How do you girls cope when you have a bad week on the scales? Like a pound or two, it's a lot of effort for a small weight loss isn't it?
I guess, I'd just have to stay strong and hope that it would show the week after. I know that that is what happens and that some weeks there's water retention or whatever and that fat loss doesn't always show up that week. But even still - in my head I REALLY want to be in the 13s tomorrow!

Wish me luck comrades!
good luck rebeccah! even if it is a small loss you've just gotta remember it's still A loss.. and some weeks are gonna be better than others. plus it'll give more motivation to stay 100% if you can see a difference in the results. i'm sure you'll be fine :)

sorry you're having not having a great week, hopefully your weigh in will spur you on a bit more and cheer you up a bit. week 3 was my toughest yet too, i think that's when it really dawns on you that this is gonna be your life for the next month or months haha. it will get better i promise!

and watching the fashion programmes is a great idea, i was watching gok's fashion fix this morning and kept thinking 'ooh i like that, i'll buy something like that' :) made me feel good.

also; if you haven't seen already, check out http://www.minimins.com/lipotrim-forum/212834-50-lbs-down-pics-eeeeeek.html for some inspiration. she's lost 50lbs in 9 WEEKS! and looks amazing for it.

Hi Rebeccah
Ihave enjoyed your posts and wanted to say,you're doing great!
The emotional ups and downs seem to be par for the course.I love your excuses,will use a few of them,thanks for sharing:D
Re a bad week,I had a disappointing loss last week 1.5 even though I was 100% I was seriously angry/frustrated for the day but thanks to the forum managed to get my head right again by the next day,hoping for a much better one this Thursday to get into the 11's.
Good vibes and strength to you and:fingerscrossed: for tommorow x
So, what I suspected would happen happened and I lost a measly pound. Disappointing, for sure, but it taught me a very valuable lesson...I CANNOT EAT ANYTHING even an egg! So, onwards and upwards. I WILL stick to it 100% this week and I WILL get into the 13s next week! I'm determined and when I see you girls who've been posting for weeks it just inspires me to emulate your success. Hope you're all doing well.
Aaah,sorry you didn't have a good loss,but good for you for putting it behind you:)
Good luck for this week.
at least it was still a loss and you haven't undone any of your hard work.
that's 12lb in 3 weeks - wouldn't get that with any old diet :)
well done, stay strong, and you'll be at your goal in no time! xo
Tanya & Perfectxmess (c'mon tell us your name!!)
Thank you girls, your support means a lot!
Tanya, keeping everything crossed for you for Thursday!

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