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Discussion in 'SW Winter Warmer Recipes' started by wind1, 19 January 2014.

  1. wind1

    wind1 Well-Known Member

    Have seen on another thread 'Beany veggie cottage pie'. Does anyone have a recipe for this please as it sounds good.
  2. ellejay1984

    ellejay1984 Well-Known Member

    Hi hun x that could b me :eek: I make it on a regular basis, just something I put together myself x

    Ingredients: 1-2 diced onion, 2 diced carrots, mushrooms, tin of beans, tin of tomatoes, 200g quorn mince, 1 stock cube dissolved in 250ml hot water, tsp tomato puree, mixed herbs, soy sauce & pepper.
    Topping: 1/2 large Swede, 4 carrots & 1 egg.

    Fry (light) onion, mushrooms & carrots. Add tom puree once brown. Add quorn mince. Add stock slowly on a high heat. Add herbs, soy sauce & pepper. Stir in beans & tin tomatoes & simmer - longer the better.
    Boil swede & carrots. Mash when soft. Add beaten egg.
    Separate beany mixture between 3 oven proof dishes or 1 large one.
    Leave to cool. Top with swede mixture & bake til golden.
    They freeze really well. I eat it abt twice a week, I love it!

    Hope that's useful x I also hv a food diary if I fancy popping by x L x

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  3. wibblefran

    wibblefran Active Member

    This sounds yummers - might have to give it a go myself! thanks :D

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