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  1. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Not Eating Like a Pig

    So I got bored of having chicken curry, bolognese, and grilled chicken & chips, and decided that I would challenge myself to make one new recipe every week. I'm a bit experimental and get sidetracked in the kitchen, I usually don't often measure my seasonings, spices, or vegetables... I also cook til it "looks right" rather than for 10 minutes, etc etc...

    This week, I heard the word "stroganoff" and thought it was an ace word, so decided to find out what it was... haha.

    Recipe is adapted from the Quorn Kitchen cookbook, and you could quite easily substitute more vegetables instead of Quorn, or chunks of beef. Chicken might work too!

    Quorn Stroganoff – 3pp per serving

    1 red onion, chopped
    1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed
    150g Quorn Steak-Style Slices
    150g mushrooms, chopped
    1 x vegetable OXO cube & a dash of water
    1 tsp paprika
    2 tbsp WW Creme Fraiche
    Salt, Pepper

    (6pp for these quantities - Makes 2 servings)

    Fry off the onions and garlic til the onion starts to brown.
    Add mushrooms and Quorn, and cook for about 5 minutes.
    Sprinkle in the Oxo cube and paprika, stir fry for a few minutes
    Add a dash of water - I say a dash, it was probably about 50ml, just enough to make it a bit saucey. Simmer til it reduces down a bit (about 10 minutes I think)

    Stir in the creme fraiche and season well. Simmer for 5 minutes ish and serve.

    I had homemade potato wedges with mine, and it was really filling.

    Feel free to add to this thread :)

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  3. christmasfairy1

    christmasfairy1 Silver Member

    Thanks for this, I know it's a big ask but will you share your recipe every week please? I too need some motivation bored of same thing
    Thanks x
  4. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    Slimming world
    what a fab thread! Maybe a sticky??? maybe even add pics?

    My fav one this week was Salmon kedgeree serves 4

    Ingredients -
    Fry light
    1 onion sliced
    2 tablespoons of curry powder (2pp)
    275g long grain rice (21pp)
    300ml veg stock (1pp)
    425g of red salmon drained with juice reserved (12pp)
    Juice of a lemon
    3 tablespoons of fresh parsley
    2 hard boiled egg peeled and chopped (optional) (4pp)
    Salt and pepper

    Heat a large non stick pan or wok and steam fry the onion for 5 mins or until soft.
    Add curry powder and cook for 30 seconds
    Stir in the rice (pre cook this or it goes harder), the stock and the salmon juice.
    Season with the pepper and salt and cover and simmer for 3 mins.
    Stir in the salmon and lemon juice and heat through.
    Scatter over the lemon and parsley and chopped egg if using. Serve at once.

    If this helps discover people it was 24.5 for the whole recipe with egg and 21.5 without.

    I worked its pp out to be 40pp for the whole lot so 10pp per serving.
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  5. christmasfairy1

    christmasfairy1 Silver Member

    Thank u no more , another to add to my repertoire x
  6. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Not Eating Like a Pig
    Course I will :D

    Thanks FNM, never had kedgeree before!
  7. Fatty_no_more

    Fatty_no_more Slimming for my children

    Slimming world
    added a pic. xxx
  8. christmasfairy1

    christmasfairy1 Silver Member

    My tea tonight
    1 nest of blue dragon medium egg noodles 5 pp
    1 6oz chicken breast 4 pp
    1/2 jar of ww garlic pasta sauce 2
    Various stemmed veg

    Grill chick breast with a sprinkling of paprika salt and pepper
    Boil noodles for 2 mins, drain then stir fry in frylight for about a min add soy sauce
    Plate up with noodles first then chicken breast sliced up and veg and sauce on top


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  9. christmasfairy1

    christmasfairy1 Silver Member

    Ohh put pic of my sons on he had a bit of rice too so mine was without the rice lok
  10. karocal

    karocal Full Member

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    weight watchers pro points
    Getting hungry looking at all these lovely meals :)
  11. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Not Eating Like a Pig
    Oooh I forgot about this haha.
    This week will be all vegetarian recipes. Watch this space ;)
  12. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Not Eating Like a Pig
    Wow, I didn't even know this got stickied... :)

    Easy Quick Tuna & Sweetcorn Pizza
    1 x Warburton Square Wrap (4pp)
    1 x tin WW Tuna in Tomato & Herb Sauce (2pp)
    1 x tbsp Sweetcorn (1pp)
    30g finely grated low fat cheese (use the fine grater, it goes further) (2pp)

    1 - Grill one side of the wrap
    2 - Turn over, spread with the tuna & tomato stuff
    3 - sprinkle on a tbsp of sweetcorn
    4 - cover in cheese
    5 - Return to grill til cheese is bubbley...

    Enjoy! Simple, 9pp for a full thing... Serve with Salad if you wanna be healthy (pfft!)
  13. indiebabe

    indiebabe Full Member

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    My new favourite - Prawn Linguine.

    (for one) 3pp for the prawn sauce + however much pasta you want!

    1 tsp olive oil
    1 shallot (or half an onion, v.finely chopped)
    2 cloves garlic
    1 small red chilli
    1/2 tin tomatoes
    1 tsp ketchup
    Black pepper

    Cook all of this together and cook as much linguine pasta as you want. I usually have 6pps worth, can't remember how much that is in weight, they all seem to be different depending on what make!

    Chuck in 100g of prawns and heat them through in the sauce.

    Stir in the pasta and enjoy!
  14. CurlyTJB

    CurlyTJB Member

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    Prawn Linguine sounds fabulous have defo added to my meals to try. Am new to the whole WW PP - first weigh-in tomorrow.
  15. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Not Eating Like a Pig
    Good Luck Curly :)
  16. M and M

    M and M Full Member

    I just made the quorn stroganoff for dinner and it was really lovely, had it with a garlic mash and carrot ribbons. Thanks for posting!
  17. bardee777

    bardee777 New Member

    looks lovely
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  19. irishgirlsarah

    irishgirlsarah New Member

    Hi, just wondering which of the jars are the nicest if you've tried them?Not long on propoints so looking for new recipes all the time. thanks for posting them must try the strognoff..!
  20. irishgirlsarah

    irishgirlsarah New Member

    was this sauce nice?? :)
  21. Auburn

    Auburn x x x

    Not Eating Like a Pig
    The WW Sauce jars? Oooh I like the sausage casserole one, that's pretty good. I personally don't bother with the pasta sauce ones, I prefer just tomatoes and onions on my pasta, so make my own for 0-points :)
    The curry, I'm not keen on Korma, so can't really comment, but the tikka masala was quite good, especially with a WW Naan alongside the curry!
    And the mushroom sauce - I've made chicken dishes with that (the jar suggests turkey I think?) which were good, with spinach and some cheese grated on the top..
    Finally - the chilli. OMG I adore the chilli!! :D I make it with a bit of steak chopped up, and some mince, plenty of veggies, a small tin of chopped toms and the jar of sauce, easily pads out to 3, 4 servings..

  22. BoS83

    BoS83 Gold Member

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    I must try that stroganoff recipe. IT sounds and looks fab. I never remember to use quorn but i do like it.... that dinner tomoro sorted. :)
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