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Recipee ideas and food allagies please help

Hi Mikiaba, i was on SW too, and got bored with recipes, i dip into ww and Rosemary conley too - have you had a look at the new recipes on Rosemary Conley TV - might be able to find something on that? nights when i don't want to cook, i have their solo slim food range which makes calorie control something even i can manage. hope this might help? xx
Have a look at the Saucy Secrets book - there are lots of great sauces in there, a fair few of them with include the garlic/onions/tomatoes but there are some that are quark or yoghurt based or use basil or lemon for flavour. For the more spicy options you could always reduce the spice measurements to cater for your taste and end up with something milder.

Have you tried different fruits more recently? Or more exotic ones? Our palates do change, so might be worth revisiting some....

Good luck and hope that helps!
I don't like tomato based sauces at all (that groaning noise you hear when the new magazine comes out is me - when I see how many recipes use a tin or more of chopped tomatoes!!), nor do I like anything very spicy (although I do like fresh ginger and a tiny amount of chilli).

If you look on the SW website, click on Eat and Slim, and then on Recipe Archive, then on Great for Green, THEN scroll down to where it says Saucy recipes to liven up your linguine, and THEN (if your clicking finger is not now totally exhausted!) click on Oil Based Pasta Sauce Recipes . . . you will find some useful sauces that do not use tomatoes.

Some of them do have onion in them, so you will have to find a way round that. Can you eat leeks? If so, thinly sliced leeks are a good alternative to onion. If not, you can just leave it out.

As for the fruit - there is so much lovely stuff in the shops. Fantastic oranges right now. Loads of rhubarb. And the soft fruit is starting to come in.

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