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I'm not sure if anyone has tried this one but I put half a tea spoon of cinnamon in with my chocolate shake this morning and it was lovely just made a change from the plain choc flavour.

Also I thought it might be and idea to have recipes all in one spot what do you think?
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xx Cathy xx

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Are we ok using nutmeg? I was thinking it might be nice sprinkled on top of a vanilla shake-custard.
just DON'T use nutmeg in vast amounts..
i learn last week nutmeg is actually a legal high, you can get a 15hour high and trips outta the stuff..... worries me

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Whoa!! Forget that idea then! Will try the cinnamon though x
a sprinkle will be ok just no more than a tea spoon, frightening what all these wonderful natural ingredients can do
well 1tbspn of cinnamon is 17 calories and if anyone could stomach that much in a shake then we might have to worry :)


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Guys - the idea of LT TFR is to not add anything to it!

Not only will doing it help you lose amazing amounts of weight, and fast but also it helps cleanse yer pallet for when you introduce food again.

My advice don't add anything that isnt allowed.
So am I......

Just read the bag people!

sorry dont mean to upset the die had stick to the rule ppl but to me if it comes to spicing them up a little and being able to stay on the diet or getting fed up with the only 2 flavours i can stomach i know which way i will go thanks


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tan your such a stickler for the rules lol:)
Yup! :p

As for being able to stomach the shakes - theyre not actually meant to be 'nice'. They are only meant to be palatable!


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I find that the vanilla one tastes a bit like cake mix anyone else?.............. or is that just me??
I think the Vanilla tastes like white chocolate :)


Eyes on the Prize!!
I really like the chicken one too. I have that as my evening meal and really look forward to it. Something I didn't believe possible when I first tasted it!!!!!!
yuck to soup and flapjacks...had to return to pharmacy cos couldn't manage them...anyway refused to replace them on health and safety grounds (in case of contamination) so had to buy 3 day supply of shakes on top of £44 already........shows you how much I hated them...haven't tasted choc. will get 1 or 2 and try out some of the variations posted although the strawberry with plenty of ice cold water is no probs at all...quite enjoy it actually.

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