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Recommend a tea?


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I drink about four or five cups of Green tea every day, which I believe has a lot of health benefits.

I must admit it's a bit of an acquired taste, when I first tried it I wasn't a fan, and even now if I leave the teabag in too long, the dregs at the bottom of the cup can make me wince, but the rest of it is really refreshing, and if the things I read about the tea are to be believed, then it is well worth it! :D
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I have also started drinking green tea, it is a bit strong at first but I actually quite like it now, I find the pomegranate flavoured green tea quite sweet :)


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I drink green tea also but have found that i prefer the flavoured varieties my favoyurite at the moment is tetley green tea with honey.
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I drink either Earl Grey - black and no sugar, or some of the Twinings moments of calm flavours are nice.

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I like green tea and lemon or Morrisons have half price Lady Grey at the moment which is also very nice.
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Just had another thought, if you are after something slightly sweeter you could try red bush teas.

You can get a few different flavours (including Earl Grey), taste nice black and to me they seem slightly sweeter than normal or green teas.
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I really like Lipton's Morroco tea - which is mint and spices. It has a lovely warm taste and is quite minty without being overpowering.


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Green tea, white tea(which i buy from health shops) and peppermint tea :)
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Thanks for all your recommendations. Used to drink green tea but I found it to leave you really thirsty? Could just be me. Gonna go for the peppermint for now and maybe go back to the green later.
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Personally i love Jasmine, peppermint and green tea but they are all quite plain not particularly sweet tasting but if i do want a sweet one i tend to favor Twinings chamomile & vanilla or Whittards various loose fruit teas. Cherry or Acai and Goji berry are scrummy :)


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I have redbush with vanilla and that's quite sweet I have it black and leave the bag in too ;0) xx


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Oh, i have redbush with vanilla too - it just smells absolutely divine!! I drink it black too. Lovely!!


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I love peppermint tea and recently discovered 'teapigs' - they are a bit pricey but well worth it I think. I found their peppermint tea is fresher, stronger and has a much nicer taste than any other I've had. You can get trial packets on their website, but would still have to pay P&P. Not tried any of their other flavours as I only drink peppermint but would defo say they are worth paying the extra if you like a nice cuppa!

teapigs | fine green white black and organic herbal teas


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There is a really tasty sleepy tea which has orange, camomile and uses unbleached teabags which gives extra health benefits. This tea is lovely before bed :) xx

Just got the name, it's by Clipper, Natural, Fair and Delicious range.

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