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recommendation - 10 cal soup!


slow but steady!
Hi there,

Just another recommendation of a product that I have enjoyed that I thought I would share with you guys!

Its called 10 cal soup its made my gourmet cuisine and so far the only place I have seen it is Morrissons. Its stupidly cheap at 40something pence for 6 sachets, available in 4 flavours - onion, tomato, chicken and beef.

So far loving the onion one best! Its like a cup a soup type thing - sachet of powder and you add hot water. Don't really fill you up but are great when you fancy something savoury, I find sometimes if I am really wanting something savoury and about to reach for a packet of crisps I have one of these and it curbs the savoury cravings!

Not too sure of syn value but would imagine 0.5 syns going by the 20 calories per syn general rule? If anyone could check that would be great!

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Ooh thanks for this, just what I need in my desk drawer x
im deffo a homemade girl but am thinking those 4pm munchies where im stuck at my desk and tea is a whole 3 hours off

seen them but never thought to buy them :) will do tomoz though
I had these before but i didnt like them, they are just like stock really and a bit salty....thye are ok if you are really in need tho but a stock cude is less syns and exactly them same, espeically the chicken one!


slow but steady!
Yeh this will never beat some homemade chunky soup yumyum but I keep a box in work at all times now for savoury food craving emergencies, I guess a stock cube would do the same job really but packet soup seems a bit more socially acceptable lol :p

Like I said no use if you are starving but good if you liked cupasoup before you started slimmingworld like myself :) sometimes you just want something hot that isn't tea or coffee but is just as easy to make.



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Theyre half a syn each :)

I have used them in cous cous; add the sachet to the dry cous cous and make up as normal, gives it a nice taste :)

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