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Recommended films


Loves Norman Reedus
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i thought that i would start this thread so people can post film recommendations. i never know what films to pick.

i will start this off though....

watched "Paranormal Activity" on friday. had my first proper nights sleep last night. Have never been that scared before. Recommend if you like being scared !!!!!:4633::4633:
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I went to see "let me in" on friday. It was a very gd film. Would defo recommend it to all the twlight fans as this is how a vampire film should be made!!!! It based on forgien film called Let the right one in!!
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I want to see Let Me In, will be interesting to see what they've done differently.

I recommend Run Lola Run, it's one of my favourite films and it's awesome. Not very long but really fast paced and entertaining. The music is awesome too. I recommend watching it in German with the English subtitles on, the dubbed version just feels a bit weird :p
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At the cinema recently I have seen:

Wall Street: Money never sleeps. - A good film and I enjoyed it, have not seen the original but it was very easy to follow the storyline, which I thought was rather good.

The Social Network Movie - brilliant, loved it. Was worried it might be a bit too geeky for me and I wouldn't understand but it was a really good film, although I don't think the Mark Zuckerberg was too impressed lol.

Easy A - this was funny and I enjoyed it, its not the most grabbing film of the century but was light hearted and good to wath.

Legends Of the Guardians - saw it in 3d, love the movie, to say it's a kids film though it was a teeny bit scary I thought lol. Brilliant story - but since when were owls Australian?

Despicable Me - Saw this twice it is so good! The storyline is really good and the characters are hilarious, seen it both with a grown up and a child and every one just loved it, it's a tiny bit silly in places but really really fun!

Burke and Hare - A fun film, but not the best in the world. Quite enjoyable and it is historically accurate which makes a change for comedies.

Let Me In - I absolutely loved this film! It was amazing, I was gripped for the entire film and having never seen the original or read the book I had no idea of any plot twists. Absolutely amazing.

Alpha and Omega - this is a good kids film, a little predictable in places but cute and fun. I saw it in the 2D version and maybe expected too much from the graphics but it was good none the less and Spud cried at the end.

Due Date - a really good comedy, funny throughout with real laugh out loud moments. Defied all expectations.

Think thats it for now - although am due to see Unstoppable, Harry Potter, London Boulevard and Skyline.
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pickles you really go to the cinema a lot lol!!! Way to go on the weight loss to you look so different in the picture so much younger!!! :) . I cant wait to see the new Harry Potter film!! Have you read the books??
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Have read all the books yes, loved them, we are watching Harry Potter 6 on dvd tonight as a catch up lol!

I only go to cinema a lot as before SW I used to go out clubbing but now I don't drink and don't go out and I don't smoke either so cinema is my little treat to myself :)

Thank you for the lovely comments too, I was 22 in the before picture, don't think I look my age though I look much much older, am 23 in the new pictures and much happier :D
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Omg You did look older than ur were. but u look fab now misses!!! I have stopped drinking since joining sw was never really a big drinker anyway maybe 10 times a year. I watch loads of films but as we are saving for a wedding we just borrow our movies from the net (coughs and looks shifty ) lol!!! I really want to have like a harry potter weekend and watch all the movies again before i go to see the new one at the start of next week!!! I will go and see this 1 and not borrow it lol!!!


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Films that have stuck with me over the years are:

Drag Me To Hell - full of jumpy bits!
Paranormal Activity - scared me within an inch of my life
The Orphanage - just brilliant
Brave Little Toaster - makes me feel fuzzy inside :)
Freddie Got Fingered - very funny, if you like Tom Green
Green Mile - not managed to watch it without crying yet!
Zoolander - makes me giggle
Edward Scissorhands - classic
Flight of Dragons - reminds me of being a kid!


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I always watch "Love actually" on Xmas eve to get me in the mood for the big day. I just love Hugh Grant boogieing down the stairs.


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The original Let the Right One In is superb, I personally don't think it should have been re-made for the sake of the american market as it was perfect as it was. The same happened to the spanish film Rec...re-made as Quarantine and it was nowhere near as good.

Inception is also brilliant. xx

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