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Recommended scales?

Well, I'm going to bit the bullet and buy some decent scales.

Mine have been OK, but give you readings which can vary within 5lbs within seconds of each reading.

On a weigh in day, I have to step on and off quite a few times to make sure I get a consistent result.

PLus I was quite interested in the idea that fat cells retain water, so would like to observe body fat/water content.

I have seen a few on Argos website, that look good.

I'm on a budget too, can't afford too much.

Any recommendations, oh ye old expert losers?
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I will do this...


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My ww ones are pathetic! I go to my local chemist instead :-( sorry I can't help!
(When I was on cd my counsellor had some big black ones with a massive dial. Think they were about £30 but she swore by them, they were from Argos )
Thanks chaps x

I was looking at the Salter ones, but got distracted by the WW ones as they claim to measure Basal Metabolic Rate too. :eek:

Now I think I will just steer clear.

Salter it is.

Mind you my old ones are Salter and they have been weird since i got them.

Tomorrow I will buy them. I have to wait in all day for a delivery, but once I get that I will skoot out and get them.
My WW ones are brilliant, I've had them a good few years and they've been very accurate. I never use them for anything other than weighing though, not all the funky things they can do. Maybe I should play on them on weds to see what they actually do.
I got the £30 salter ones and I'm on the verge of taking them back/chucking them in the bin:
Buy Salter Stainless Steel Body Analyser Scale at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Bathroom scales.

I'd avoid these like the plague. Every time I step on I get a different reading - sometimes fluctuating by up to 2kg. I end up weighing myself sometimes 10 times just to get an idea what the real number is.
Do you use them on a hard floor? Digital ones cant be used on carpet!
Well I got them and I like them. Just hope the kids don't destroy them by jumping on them.

Seem easy to use.

First official weigh in tomorrow.

Fanks guys, knew I could rely on the minimin posse for good advice x
You were right about carpet - they are rock solid and consistent on hard surface. Bad news is that I weigh 5kg more than I thought I did - very demoralising but I guess I just weighed more than I thought to start with. Thanks for the tip tho - restored my faith in this product
Just add what you have lost so far to your new weight and it should give you where you started from :) You have still the same amount of weight, just the start point is different

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