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Recommended scales?

S: 16st6lb C: 14st9.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 1st10.5lb(10.65%)
Well, I'm going to bit the bullet and buy some decent scales.

Mine have been OK, but give you readings which can vary within 5lbs within seconds of each reading.

On a weigh in day, I have to step on and off quite a few times to make sure I get a consistent result.

PLus I was quite interested in the idea that fat cells retain water, so would like to observe body fat/water content.

I have seen a few on Argos website, that look good.

I'm on a budget too, can't afford too much.

Any recommendations, oh ye old expert losers?
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I will do this...
S: 24st0lb C: 20st4lb G: 15st2lb BMI: 41.9 Loss: 3st10lb(15.48%)


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S: 18st4.0lb C: 17st7.0lb G: 10st0.0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st11lb(4.3%)
I also have those salter scales my Ww ones always gave different readings. I'd def recommend the salter ones x


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S: 15st7lb C: 9st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 5st9lb(36.41%)
My ww ones are pathetic! I go to my local chemist instead :-( sorry I can't help!
(When I was on cd my counsellor had some big black ones with a massive dial. Think they were about £30 but she swore by them, they were from Argos )
S: 16st6lb C: 14st9.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 1st10.5lb(10.65%)
Thanks chaps x

I was looking at the Salter ones, but got distracted by the WW ones as they claim to measure Basal Metabolic Rate too. :eek:

Now I think I will just steer clear.

Salter it is.

Mind you my old ones are Salter and they have been weird since i got them.

Tomorrow I will buy them. I have to wait in all day for a delivery, but once I get that I will skoot out and get them.


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S: 20st4lb G: 10st0lb
My WW ones are brilliant, I've had them a good few years and they've been very accurate. I never use them for anything other than weighing though, not all the funky things they can do. Maybe I should play on them on weds to see what they actually do.
I got the £30 salter ones and I'm on the verge of taking them back/chucking them in the bin:
Buy Salter Stainless Steel Body Analyser Scale at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Bathroom scales.

I'd avoid these like the plague. Every time I step on I get a different reading - sometimes fluctuating by up to 2kg. I end up weighing myself sometimes 10 times just to get an idea what the real number is.
Do you use them on a hard floor? Digital ones cant be used on carpet!
S: 16st6lb C: 14st9.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 1st10.5lb(10.65%)
Well I got them and I like them. Just hope the kids don't destroy them by jumping on them.

Seem easy to use.

First official weigh in tomorrow.

Fanks guys, knew I could rely on the minimin posse for good advice x
You were right about carpet - they are rock solid and consistent on hard surface. Bad news is that I weigh 5kg more than I thought I did - very demoralising but I guess I just weighed more than I thought to start with. Thanks for the tip tho - restored my faith in this product
Just add what you have lost so far to your new weight and it should give you where you started from :) You have still the same amount of weight, just the start point is different

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