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Recommended Shopping List?


Well, wednesday is here and I only have to wait for one more sleep until my cd appointment :) I am really excited, although i'm sure the first few days are going to be nothing to get excited about after reading all the posts on here. Still, no gain without pain and all that! I desperately want and need to lose weight. I walked up the stairs last night as my little boy was crying and I couldn't get my breath for ages. It shocked me how out of hand my weight is. I just want to slim down and improve my standard of life.

I am wondering what items to buy for my first week. Any recommendations? Friend said that Vanilla packs were lovely made into muffins. What flavours would you all recommend? Is it worthwhile buying the mix-a-mousse? I read another post that said it makes packs a bit like angel delight...I love angel delight:) Another thread said you could make like a jelly with the water flavours and mix-a-mousse. Thought that would be a great 'snack'. Anyone tried it? Was it good?

I'm going to start a diary of my cd journey as I think it might help to focus, and hopefully provide inspiration to others when (positive thinking ;)) I get to goal.

Thanks, Lou xxx
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Well, others might disagree, but personally I wouldn't do anything slightly different for a while. Certainly not cooking packs, and probably not the mix-a-moose either.

Just keep it 'clean'. Get one+ of all the shakes and soups and some tetras. Save the excitement for when the boredom sets in ;)

Best of luck:)
I really agree with Karion! The first few weeks u will be really motivated and will be fine with the shakes "clean". I also agree that you should spend the first few weeks trying all the shakes at least once each. I have found (16 weeks in) that your tastes change a lot, and the first few months I loved the soups, now I cant stand anything apart from the choc, choc mint and the cappucino. The mix a mousse is great later on when you are getting bored with just liquid. I found the bouillon soup mix quite handy, although the smell grossed my work colleagues out a far bit.....think monster munch!!! The summer fruits and orange drinks are lovely and better than all the diet coke I was drinking.

I say just go for the shakes and soups in the first month and then fiddle around with anything available to keep you on the straight and narrow. One very important thing to buy is a blender to mix your drinks.....in fact buy two cheap ones from Tesco (less than a fiver). I broke one during the first month and trust me lumps aint good either in shakes or round my tummy!!!!!

Best of luck!! It is such a great way to shape up really quickly.

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