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Red/Green days :-) Mission Skinny Bridesmaid!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Gilljo30, 7 September 2013 Social URL.

  1. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    :)Hiya I have just come across this forum and I'm so glad I have! It's so inspiring!!

    I have been doing slimming world myself for 4 weeks now and have lost 17lb!

    I have been doing red and green days on and off since 2005 so I know it like the back on my hand!!! I don't attend a club as I work when it's on so I just do it myself :)

    would love to hear from anyone who or if reads this, to help keep each other motivated and hear your success!!

    Gill xxxx
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  3. Tesam2931

    Tesam2931 Silver Member

    You're weight loss is amazing - 17lbs in 4 weeks - well done, you!!
    Keep posting on here, we would love to support you and you are going to be such an inspirations to us.
    Tina x
  4. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    Thanks Tina!!

    I will post every week about weight loss :)

  5. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    Starting weight 18st 7lb
    week 1 18st 2lb = -5
    week 2. 17st 13lb=-3
    week 3. 17st 8lb = -5
    week 4. 17st 4lb = -4

    Saturday weigh ins :)

    And yesterday I was very happy to buy the next size jeans in New Look, so down from size 24 to size 22 jeans!! I have a long way to go and at the moment I am just concentrating on getting down each stone at a time rather than oh I want to lose 8 st etc! So I will be mega happy to get under 16stone!!!

    my worst time for binge eat, like most people, is at night! So when I crave chocolate etc I'm either brushing my teeth or going to bed early! I do not use syns as in doing the diet in the past its just made me go off the rails! I feel not eating syns is helping me stay focused!!!!
  6. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    Ps can anyone tell me how to put the half stone stone etc stickers up?? Xx
  7. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    It's ok, I've figured out how to get these awards now!!

    Feel soooo full!

    Just had a plateful of sw chips, and fried onions and mushrooms fried in fry light which I'm hoping didn't have any syns in it!! But fry light is free right??

    But it was lush and filled my hungry tum!!!
  8. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    And two things I'm looking forward to for hopefully end of September! Is my club 10 which I need to reach 16st 10lb which is 8lb away!! And my two stone is 16st 7lb so 11lb away!! Fingers and toes crossed xxxxx
  9. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    So I was really struggling yesterday since I was working and just didn't seem to be full at all! It's always harder at work as I can't get out to eat fruit etc! Came home and eat a big bowl of slimming world chips and was still hungry after!!

    Anyway today is a new day I'm hopefully going to be a later better at work today and at lunch time am going to have a power work on my lunch break again!

    Tomorrow and Thursday I am off, so it's back to the gym and swim for the rest of the week now! Probably a little sad sad I'm excited to swim again I've missed it!!
  10. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Heya, you're doing really well!

    Im doing the extra easy plan. i weigh in on a saturday at group :)
  11. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

  12. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Thank you.

    U too!

    We can do this! :D
  13. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    Feeling great the past couple of days due to lots of exercise!!

    In particular am loving swimming, it doesn't even feel like I'm exercising!

    Out of the whole nearly 5 weeks I have been doing slimming world I have today had a red day! Lamp chops were good but I don't feel as full on red days as I do on green so I think this will be a one off!!

    Weigh day is also approaching! How sad this is the highlight of my every week ATM!!

  14. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Its the highlight of mine too! LOL....

    Your doing really well :)
  15. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    Good feeling coming off the scales! Thanks you too we can do this!!! Is it ee you are doing? I still don't understand ee I'm too used to red and green!! Xx
  16. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    So I have had another fab week losing 4lbs so I'm at a stone and a half! 4lbs off the club 10!!

    had a bit of a drunken night and being sick as a dog has probably helped my weight loss :) xx
  17. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    I'm so hungover this morning really craving McDonald's!!!!!
    No!!! I can't do it tho!!

    Think I'm going to make a big bowl of sw chips tho next best thing!

    once again really happy with weight loss this week!

    Its 14 weeks until my Christmas night out with work so I need to keep motivated for that, I really want to be as small as I can be for that night out!!
  18. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

  19. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    Think I might go power walking before I start eating try get some fresh air in my system! Getting too old for nights out and too much vodka :) xx
  20. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    Ok so I just weighed myself today, although I weigh myself every day anyway so it's no different really! So yeah and I have lost another 2lbs! Weigh day was yesterday and 4lb for the week adding this other 2lb and I'm over the moon!! Especially because I'm seeing 16 something rather than 17!! How motivating to see the scales go down!!

  21. Gilljo30

    Gilljo30 Silver Member

    2lb away from club 10lb
    5lb away from 2 stone woop woop!! :sign0151:

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